SPY indicators are pointing north with green futures

A little bit of green here to start the day and technical indicators are pointing north, on a 60 minute chart in particular. This makes option biased applying an Inverse Head and Shoulders. Typically a 5 minute chart is Wall Street’s favorite chart (in terms of time frames… 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, and so […]

SPY nearing the “SPY 300” level

SPY is nearing the “SPY 300” level which everyone loves to talk about. Currently, heavily extended to the upside, which would make sense given SPY’s rally to the upside during last week in general with the exception of a fairly flat day this past Friday. Wall Street will be watching the charts closely leading into […]

FOMO setting in with futures bright green

Futures are on fire this morning and could be settling back after the open. It’s time to be strategic in your plays and don’t let FOMO rule your decisions Green futures to start the day as SPY is trading above the 50 day simple moving average line resistance level which it was essentially stuck at […]

SPY crosses 50 day moving average and its time for a rally

SPY is clinging above the 50 day simple moving average line support on a daily chart. We’ve seen quite a bit of green, fairly fast over the last three days in what has been a volatile month of August. A light volume ahead of a three day weekend today, especially as the trading session progresses […]