Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Changes Rules For Users To Sign Up For Messenger

No one had anticipated that it would get to a time that Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) would change rules for its Messenger. The business guru unveiled the app back in 2015, and the sign-up process was pretty easy. Users would use login identifications such as photos, phone numbers, and their names. The first ones to enjoy […]

Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) Commands 67.1 Million Subscribers In The US And Canada: Records A Growth Of 40% In EMEA And Strongest In Asia-Pacific

Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) has finally disclosed the subscriber count region by region worldwide. It commands a subscriber base of 67.1 million in the US and Canada. The popular streaming service has around 47.4 million subscribers in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The third-largest market in Latin America Netflix holds a subscriber base of 29.4 million […]

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Faces Pressure In Line With Its Plan To Encrypt Its Messaging

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is currently under pressure from The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). This body is against its plan to encrypt all is messaging services. The body says that the move will put child abusers at an advantage. The body says that the social media giant has a responsibility […]

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Spearheads Strong Efforts To Curb Revenge Porn

Revenge porn is one of the nightmares Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been struggling with. The massive social network is edging closer to combating the problem. This business admits that it has taken it quite long to discover techniques to eliminate revenge porn from the platform. A close look The distressful aspect is just how vigilant […]

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Facing Allegations Of Frustrating Users That Report Fake Accounts

For a company of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stature, the bizarre incident that is happening is shocking. Who would have imagined this social media giant would trend on twitter for locking out users on flimsy grounds? Users launch complaints A large number of users have complained, saying that Facebook locked their account simply because they reported […]

How NIKE, Inc. (NKE) Earnings Could Throw investors in a tizzy

Stock of NIKE, Inc. (NKE) opened at $83.00 and last traded at $83.69 x 2900. More than 4,558,957 shares exchanged hands compared to an average daily volume of 6,371,454 shares. At the current pps, the market capitalization stands at 130.538B. Let’s take a look at how the stock has performed this year so far. NIKE, Inc […]