Walmart Unveils Last Mile Delivery Service Walmart GoLocal

Retail cooperation running a chain of hypermarkets and departmental stores Walmart Inc. (WMT) a delivery service for other merchants across the United States known as Walmart GoLocal. This initiative entails delivering items up to the last mile, Walmart will dispatch workers from its Spark delivery network from the stores selected by merchants as their pick […]

Woolworths Partners With Uber Eats for Same Hour Grocery Deliveries

Australia based online retail company Woolworths Group Ltd (ASX: WOW) has entered into a partnership with online food ordering and delivering platform Uber Eats in same hour deliveries of groceries initiative. This partnership is aimed at addressing the increase in demand of groceries, since the pandemic began, online orders of groceries has been increasing at […]

Apple Asked by Policy Groups to Drop Inspection of iMessages for Abuse Images

IPhone manufacturer and giant technology company Apple Inc. (AAPL) has been asked by more than 90 policy and rights groups through an open letter to drop its plan of scanning children’s messages for images portraying nudity and adults phones for sex child abuse images. “Though these capabilities are intended to protect children and to reduce […]

Blackberry’s Software Flaw Could Possibly Affect U.S Agencies

United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructures Security Agency (CISA) says that a software flaw in the systems of Canadian cyber security company Blackberry Ltd (BB) could possibly affect medical equipment, cars and U.S agencies. This comes after Blackberry revealed that it’s QNX Real Time Operating System (QNX RTOS) is flawed and could allow an attacker to […]

Software Maker Seismic Raises $170 Million in Latest Financing Round

San Diego based software development company Seismic Software Inc. announced having raised $170 million from its recently concluded financing round which leaves the company with a market valuation of $3 billion. The company is largely involved in making software that helps sales people engage more efficiently with buyers. The company has a client base of […]

IBM Will Only Allow Fully Vaccinated Workers Back to Office Come September 7

United Sates based technology company largely engaged in computer hardware International Business Machine Corp. (IBM) issued a statement saying that come September 7 it will only allow fully vaccinated U.S employees to go back to their offices which are set to re-open on the said date. This decision has been arrived upon due to the […]

Here’s Why Facebook Might Lose GIF Website Giphy

Social media pioneer Facebook Inc. (FB) might be forced to sell its GIF website Giphy after an investigation by Britain’s antitrust regulator Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found out that the deal between the companies could possibly harm competition in display advertising. The market regulator revealed its findings on August 11, further adding that it […]

Intel Fails to Overturn $2.18 Billion Patent Infringement Payment

Semiconductor computer circuit manufacturer Intel Corporation (INTC) has lost a court case in which it sought to overturn a $2.18 billion patent infringement payment to designer and manufacturer of custom and semi-custom integrated circuits VLSI Technology LLC. U.S. District Judge Alan Albright in Waco, Texas, turned down Intel’s motion seeking to overturn the payment which […]

Amazon to Pay Customers Who Suffer Injuries or Damage From Defective Goods

Giant online retailer and technology company Amazon Inc. (AMZN) says that it will be paying customers who suffer injuries or property damages due to defective goods sold on its United States platform. The company announced this following introduction of a new policy that could reduce litigation, however, Amazon insists it does not admit liability. Over […]

Facebook Pushed by Lawmakers to Explain Why it Disbanded NYU Researchers’ Accounts

Giant social media company Facebook Inc. (FB) is being pushed by lawmakers to give answers to why it disbanded accounts of researchers conducting studies on political ads on its various social media platforms. The leading social network said it had brought down some personal accounts and access to a group of New York University researchers […]