Oracle Corp (NYSE:ORCL) Requested For Information On Google By Investigators

Oracle Corp (NYSE:ORCL) which has before been involved in business disputes with Alphabet Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google indicated that it received requests for information from state and Congressional; investigators looking into accusations that Google violated antitrust laws. Oracle to provide information on Google Oracle which understands the advertising business of Google has indicated that it has […]

Match Group Inc. (NASDAQ:MTCH) sued By the FTC For Deceiving Consumers To Pay Subscription

The Federal Trade Commission is taking legal action against Match Group Inc. (NASDAQ:MTCH) for allegedly using fake profiles to entice consumers into paying a subscription to Match.com. Match Group is an online dating service that owns Match.com, OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, and Tinder among other sites. Match tricked users into a subscription Match.com lets users create profiles […]