Amazon Planning to Double is Labor Force in Spain by 2025

Giant e-commerce company with operations in digital streaming, artificial intelligence and cloud computing Amazon Inc. (AMZN) says that it aims to double its labor force in Spain by the year 2025 to 25,000 workers. Amazon’s vice president and general manager for Spain and Italy, Mariangela Marseglia, says that according to their records, the company had […]

Three EX-U.S Intelligence Officers Admit Hacking U.S Networks For the UAE

Three former United States intelligence operatives have admitted having violated U.S hacking laws and prohibitions by hacking U.S systems and selling critical and sensitive military technology information to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The operatives include; Ryan Adams, Daniel Gericke and Marc Baier. The three were part of Raven-a clandestine unit which helped the UAE […]

Epic Games Appeal in Apple Court Case Concerning Fortnite Video Game

The creator of famous video game ‘Fortnite’, Epic Games has appealed a court ruling made on its antitrust case against giant tech company Apple Inc. (AAPL). This ruling was made by a federal judge last week on Friday. According to the judge, Apple will have to loosen some measures on developers, nonetheless, the ruling favored […]

Tencent and Alibaba Asked by Chinese Authorities to Stop Blocking Each Other’s Website Links

Chinese authorities have asked leading Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group Ltd. (BABA) and giant technology and entertainment company Tencent Holding Ltd. (HK: 0700) to stop blocking other’s website links from their platforms. The China’s Ministry of Industry and Information made the announcement through published media, a source from the ministry has already proposed standards to […]

WeRide Developing Self-Driving Vans

China based startup autonomous driving company WeRide says that it’s in the process to commence developing autonomous vans for urban logistic services in partnership with delivery company ZTO Express (HK: 2057) and auto manufacturer JMC (SZ: 000550). WeRide focuses on what is known as ‘level 4 autonomous standard’ in the autonomous vehicle industry. At this […]

Tesla Sold 44,264 China Made Electric Vehicles in August

Leading electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc. (TSLA) sold a total of 44,264 China made vehicles in the just concluded month of March of August. Tis information was revealed by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). According to the data from CPCA, 31,379 of the vehicles were exported while the rest were sold locally. These sales […]

German Regulators Initiate Probe Into Allianz After Disappearance of U.S Investment Funds

German financial regulators have initiated a probe into the country’s leading financial service provider Allianz SE (ETR: ALV) following the disappearance of United States investments funds from the company, this unfortunate incidence is said to have taken place during last year. In recent times, Allianz has been slapped with various lawsuits related to its structured […]

Texas City Offering Samsung Extensive Property Tax Breaks to Build $17 Billion Chip Facility

Texas City is considering to offer South Korea based consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. (KRX: 005930) large property tax breaks if the tech giant chooses a location in the state to set up a $17 billion chip plant. Samsung is considering one of the two locations in Texas to build the plant, Austin, […]

French Billionaire Bernard Arnault Sells His Stake in Supermarket Group Carrefour

French billionaire Bernard Arnault has sold his entire stake in France based retail distribution and supermarket group Carrefour SA (PA: CARR). Arnault pumped in his first investment in the retailer 14 years ago. Through his investment vehicle, Financiere Agache Holding, Arnault held 5.7% stake in Carrefour. Sale of the entire stake in an accelerated book […]

China Shuts Down American Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu

Chinese administration has issued a directive ordering an American Chamber of Commerce located in the southwest city of Chengdu to cease operations with immediate effect. This was announced by the American chamber of commerce. The chambers send a notification to its members that in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations it had to stop operations […]