Google Takes Down Misleading Ads in Searches Linked to Voting

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) owned search engine Google said it has removed all search ads which charged users using the search engine looking for voting information huge fees for voter registration Additionally, these ads were also said to be capturing personal user data. While speaking to reporters, Google’s spokeswoman said such ads were banned by the […]

China Charges Two Canadians Accused of Spying

Chinese prosecutors confirmed having charged two Canadian citizens who had been detained following spying allegations. Since inception of the case, China and Canada have been having shaky diplomatic ties. The two include, Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat and Michael Spavor, a businessman. The two were apprehended in 2018 on state security charges. Their arrest happened […]

North Korea Blows Up Liaison Office with South Korea Threatens to take More Action

Tensions between North Korea and South Korea seems to be building up as North Korea blew up an office established to foster better ties with South Korea in its border town of Kaesong. North Korea further threatened to take more actions if North Korea defectors won’t cease spreading propaganda leaflets in North Korea. North Korea […]

U.S Set to Impose Restrictions on State Run Chinese Media Outlets

The government of United States is set to slap additional four state operated Chinese media outlets operating in the country with restrictions, this was revealed by officials in Trump’s government who are directly involved in the matter. Back in February, U.S accused five Chinese media outlets of being manipulated and used by China and its […]

India Seeking to Inject $6.65 Billion into Production of Electronics

India has launched a $6.65 billion plan in which the cash will be directed into boosting production of consumer electronics in the second most populated country in the world. The plan is set to give first priority to five global manufacturers of smartphones. The five smartphone producers will be given Production Linked Incentives (PLI) to […]

Facebook Staff Pressure Zuckerberg to Restrict President’s Trump Inciting Posts

Facebook Inc. (FB) employees working from home due to the pandemic took on Twitter to pressure their boss Mark Zuckerberg to put restriction on what they term as inciting posts from U.S President Donald Trump which are doing rounds on various social media platforms owned by the company. Most of them who include top management […]

April Tax Revenue for Japan Drops to a Record Low

Tax revenue for Japan in April slumped by 29.4% in comparison to what the country recorded in April last year. This goes down as the lowest monthly year-on-year tax revenue the world’s third largest economy recorded since August 2009. Due to coronavirus pandemic Japan’s government had earlier pushed back payment of taxes. On the other […]

Online Grocery Shopping Hits Record High in the UK

For the last two months a significant percentage of the world’s population has been forced to stay at homes due to lockdowns and other movement restrictions imposed by their respective governments to decrease the rate of spread of deadly coronavirus disease. Industry data provided by a market research firm Nielsen Holdings shows that in a […]

China Drops Annual GDP Target for the First Time Since 1990

China world’s second largest economy has dropped its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) target for the year citing massive disruptions of economic activities caused by breakout out of deadly coronavirus. This is the first time ever China is completely withdrawing its annual growth targets. China’s Premier Li Keqiang presented his report to the parliament, unfortunately the […]

Trump Threatens to Permanently Cut WHO Funding

U.S President Donald Trump has reignited his war with the World Health Organization (WHO) this time threatening to permanently cut out U.S funding to the organization if WHO will not commit to improvements within 30 days. In the letter addressed to WHO’s Chief, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and posted on Twitter, Trump further threatens to […]