Trump Ends Hong Kong’s Special Treatment China Vows to Retaliate

On July 15, U.S President Donald Trump ended the high degree of autonomy granted to Hong Kong by its former colony Britain in 1997 when the city attained its independence. Hong Kong was supposed to receive the special treatment for a period of 50 years after independence. Trump’s termination comes a week after China’s parliament […]

South Korea to Spend $94.6 Billion on Green Economy

South Korea will be spending 114.1 trillion won ($94.6 billion) in the next six years on green economy, a greater chunk of this investment will be directed into hydrogen cars and electric vehicles. During a speech, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in said indeed the pandemic has revealed the need for much needed climatic changes further […]

Hong Kong Citizens Turn Out to Vote Against Controversial Security Bill

Less than a week after China’s parliament passed the controversial Hong Kong security bill, more than 500,000 Hong Kong citizens queued over the past weekend to vote against what they termed as a harsh bill directly being imposed on them by China. This unofficial election will decide the best suited pro-democracy candidates to contest in […]

U.S Considering Banning Chinese Social Apps Says Pompeo

United States secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that Trump’s administration is considering banning Chinese social media apps in the U.S at top of the list, is the controversial Chinese short video sharing app TikTok. “I don’t want to get out in front of the President Donald Trump, but it’s something we’re certainly looking at,” […]

Croatia Holds Elections Amidst Pandemic and Tough Economic Times

On 5 July the Republic of Croatia held its elections amidst the coronavirus pandemic also not withstanding new infections in the country are increasing rapidly. The elections also came at a time when the Croatian economy has been deeply plunging since global outbreak of the deadly virus. In earlier opinion polls, the ruling party Croatian […]

Dominican Republic’s Opposition Wins Presidential Elections

Dominican Republic went into elections in recently concluded weekend to elect a new leader for the Caribbean nation. Presidential candidate and opposition leader under Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) Luis Abinader, was declared the winner in the elections on July 5. This victory and announcement brought to an end the 16 years the ruling party has […]

House of Representatives Passes Bill Sanctioning Chinese Banks

The lower house of the United States Congress also known as House of Representatives passed a bill on July 1 which would penalize banks for conducting any business with Chinese officials who were involved in implementing the national security law regarding Hong Kong. The controversial national security law had just been passed by Chinese regulators […]

Biden Fires Shots at Republican Senators Opposing Law on Foreign Election Interference

Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden attacked U.S Republican senators for blocking a legislation which would require campaigns to report foreign offers on U.S elections. Biden says the reporting will help FBI in investigation when it comes to election matters and transparency, but if the law continues receiving hurdles then this could pave way for […]