China Developing Tech to Deal With Misbehaving Apps and Data Leaks

China is in the process of developing a new technology to help in dealing with misbehaving applications in the wide mobile app market. This technology will also be used to personal data leakage loopholes. This announcement was made on March 1 by China’s minister of industry and information technology Xiao Yaqing. “Those apps that refuse […]

WhatsApp to Implement Privacy Policy Update Despite Backlash

Facebook Inc. (FB) owned online messaging platform WhatsApp will be implementing its controversial privacy policy which will allow the app to share limited users’ private data with Facebook and its group firms. Under the privacy update also, users will be allowed to read it at their own pace additionally a banner will be displayed showing […]

Facebook Blocks News Feeds in Australia

For some time now Australian authorities and social network Facebook Inc. (FB) have been at loggerheads concerning Facebook paying for content circulated on its platform. An escalation of the matter has resulted to Facebook blocking all media content in Australia. On February 18, people in Australia woke up to find empty news feeds after Facebook […]

Swiss Competition Agency Opens Investigation into MasterCard

The Swiss competition watchdog Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) has opened a probe to investigate worldwide used financial service company MasterCard Inc. (MA) over a possible obstruction of SIX’s National Cash Scheme (NCS). The NCS is a group of rules for withdrawals among other transactions conducted at the cash machines at the banks. “The obstruction occurs […]

U.S House Panel Approves $42.5 Billion as COVID-19 Relief for Transport Sector and Workers

United States House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a plan to avail $42.5 billion as COVID-19 relief to transportation sector and workers, this allocation will be part of the greater $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan by the U.S government. The house committee passed this approval on February 10, another committee is set to deliberate on a […]

Biden Approves Executive Order to Sanction Myanmar Generals In charge on Coup

U.S President Joe Biden approved an executive order to sanctions army generals who were in charge of the coup which took place in Myanmar a week ago. Ever since this unfortunate event happened Biden has repeatedly condemned the act asking the military to reverse the coup. Biden says this executive order allows his administration to […]

Facebook Will be Pulling Down Misleading Claims against Coronavirus Vaccines

Leading social network Facebook Inc. (FB) announced it will be pulling down false health claims about coronavirus vaccines being peddled across its various social platforms. Some of these false claims imply the vaccines are toxic and cause autism. In a detailed blog post, Facebook says it has noticed an increased spread of this type of […]

Myanmar Military Seizes Power in Coup Detaining State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi

Myanmar’s military overthrew the country’s democratic government and took power early morning 1st February. As if the coup wasn’t enough, the military also detained democratically elected leaders including the State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi. Aung San Suu Kyi is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate has been detained together with other leaders belonging to her […]

China’s iQiyi to Offer Free Movies and Shows Over the Lunar New Year Holiday

China’s online video streaming platform iQiyi will be offering free movies and television shows in some areas over the Lunar New Year holiday. The China’s equivalent to Netflix Inc. (NFLX) received a request to do so from China’s government which claims many people are staying in their homes to curb spread of the virus. Under […]

Google Inks Content Payment Deal With France

The parent company of Google Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) announced having inked a content payment deal with France. This agreement comes at a time when Google is at loggerheads with some European countries concerning establishment of a copyright framework U.S based tech giants should use to pay news publishers for their content. This agreement opens doors […]