Industry Titan Bill Shafley Joins Echo Defense Projects Inc. Board, Bringing Government Marketplace Acumen and Upfitting Expertise

Las Vegas, Nevada, June 9, 2023 – McapMediaWire – Echo Defense Projects Inc. (Formerly Eco Depot Inc.) (OTC: ECDP) proudly announces the appointment of Bill Shafley, a leader in government marketplaces and public safety vehicle design, to its Board of Directors. With his unmatched expertise and a track record of visionary leadership, Shafley’s addition represents a significant strategic move for Echo Defense Projects as it continues its journey to foster innovations in national defense, security, and border control.

Bill Shafley is celebrated for his remarkable contributions in guiding companies to success within federal, state, local, and international government marketplaces. As the founder of CDW-G, Shafley’s strategic prowess was instrumental in skyrocketing the company to $900 million in revenue in a mere four years, solidifying CDW-G as a prominent player in government contracting.

Additionally, Shafley’s tenure as President of Best Buy Government and Education, Inc. saw him deftly expand public sector sales, utilizing comprehensive sales, marketing, and contract strategies that cultivated breakthrough success.

“Bill Shafley’s deep expertise in both government contracting, public safety vehicle innovation and vast network spanning various industries and sectors, positions him as an invaluable asset to Echo Defense Projects. His proven ability to navigate complex government landscapes, and drive innovation will bolster our strategic efforts and propel our company to new horizons,” stated Carlos Diericx, President of Echo Defense Projects.

In addition to his achievements in government contracting, Shafley has also made significant contributions to the field of upfitting public safety vehicles. With a passion for enhancing law enforcement operations, he spearheaded groundbreaking innovations that revolutionized the design and functionality of these crucial vehicles, enabling officers to carry out their duties with enhanced safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

This includes the conceptualization and implementation of advanced equipment controls, optimized storage solutions, ergonomically designed workspaces, and specialized equipment tailored to meet the high demands of public safety professionals.

Bill Shafley’s appointment to the board of Echo Defense Projects Inc. demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in defense technology and highlights its path to become a global leader in this space.

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