Colombia Oil and Gas 2023 Congress taking place on the 26th and 27th of July 2023 in Bogotá, Columbia

5th Colombia Oil and Gas Congress 2023

Date and Place: 26-27 July 2023 in Bogota, Colombia
Organizer: Vostock Capital

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Colombia Oil and Gas 2023 attracts senior-level attendees’ flagship oil and gas companies from Latin America and world suppliers for the industry and enables them to continue networking, share ideas and experience, and work out anti-crisis solutions.

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Congress Highlights:

  • More than 200 decision-makers attend to Colombia Oil & Gas each year.
  • 20+ investment projects related to production, exploration, transport, and energy transition in Colombia’s Oil and Gas Industry.
  • More than 40 industry leaders and experts will present and discuss the key topics influencing the development of the industry in Colombia and Latin America.
  • Networking: 1 to 1 business meetings.
  • Strategic Opening Session: The Role of the Hydrocarbon Sector in the Energy Transition Era.
  • Newest Technologies for Oil and Gas Projects.
  • Status of the Most Auspicious Oil and Gas Refining Projects of Colombia.
  • Progress and Challenges in the LNG and Hydrogen Industry.
  • Recent Gas Reserve Discoveries and Future Explorations.
  • Towards a Profitable Greener Industry.

Catalina Velasco

LatAm Marketing Manager

Member of the organizing committee

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