Eco Defense Projects Inc. (formerly Eco Depot Inc.) announces New Branding and Marketing Agreement

Las Vegas, Nevada, June 6, 2023 – McapMediaWire – Eco Depot, Inc. (OTC: ECDP), pending a name change, a Nevada corporation (the “Company”), is pleased to announce the engagement of Stellar Media LLC, to produce internal branding, web and marketing material as well as assisting with the coordination of investor awareness campaigns.

The Company looks forward to developing their brand image to be more in line with their current vision. Alongside this, the Company and Stellar Media will be launching a new marketing initiative aimed at improving customer engagement, brand recognition and fostering steady growth for the Company and its products.

The Company will provide Stellar Media with publicly available information for marketing materials, and review all materials for accuracy. Pursuant to SEC regulations, Stellar Media will properly disclose its affiliation and payment on all its media outlets, including those of subsidiaries and third parties. Stella Media LLC and its subsidiaries do not own any Company shares. The Company management will be monitoring these marketing activities and retain editorial control over all material published.

The Company has not determined whether the publication of the materials will have a material impact on the trading of the Company’s common stock.

For more complete and specific information regarding the Company, its prospects and the risks associated with those prospects, readers should consult the Company’s public filings on OTC Markets, its website and other reliable sources. The Company always encourages investors to contact their investment advisors prior to making any investment decision.


Eco Depot, Inc. acquires, manages, and develops eco-friendly products. Eco Depot’s focus is to provide investments, funding, and support for acquisitions, start-ups and technology companies.

Eco Depot is a development stage company that acquires, manages, and develops eco-friendly assets. Eco Depot Inc. is in the process of changing its name to Echo Defense Projects Inc with a focus of marketing a new innovative molecular identification, interpretation, and custom hardware development technology, focused on Homeland Security applications. Our Hybrid Radio Infrared/Laser Frequency (HRILF) scanning technology revolutionizes molecular analysis in weapons detection. The technology is focused on detecting gun powder, handguns, drugs, land mines, explosives, viruses and bacteria’s. By combining radio and infrared frequencies, our cost-effective HRILF technology delivers unmatched accuracy and resolution, enabling faster, more efficient analysis of molecular structures. Our touchless security screening provides a range of benefits including reliable automated and targeted, high throughput, non-invasive, reduced visitor anxiety, cost effective, reduced physical footprint, and analytic insights. The company is in the process of completing its due diligence, testing and market analysis, and is looking forward to introducing this innovative technology in the marketplace.



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Accordingly, such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could cause the Company’s actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from those expressed in or implied by such statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to update or advise in the event of any change, addition, or alteration to the information catered in this Press Release, including such forward-looking statements.

SOURCE: Eco Depot, Inc.