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Del Mar, CA, April 24, 2023 — McapMediaWire — American Diversified Holdings Corporation (OTC: ADHCis pleased to announce today that the company, through its brands UNIVERSAL WELLNESS and Amazon vendor ROLLSCHOICE, has reached a comprehensive alliance with GGII’s leading group of companies in the CBD and Hemp sector.  ADHC’s agreement with Green Globe International Group (OTC: “GGII“), Hempacco (NASDAQ: “HPCO“) and GGII’s operating subsidiary Green Star Labs provides for a broad range of services and interrelated business activity. The synergies of this alliance are derived from the cross-branding of the products.

The GGII/HEMPACCO/GREENSTAR group has entered into this alliance with ADHC and will collaborate as outlined below:

  1. Formulation, manufacturing, private label, inventory management, packaging and shipment logistics with be provided by Green Star Labs under the Universal Wellness and RollsChoice Brand
  2. Jointly design a line of CDB, Dietary Supplements and Cosmetic products to be offered through ADHC’ e-commerce platform
  3. Introduce and negotiate endorsement agreements with social media influencers and noted HipHop/Rap luminaries. Hempacco currently has relationships deals with Snoop Dogg Brands, rap artist Rick Ross, Hemp Hop Smokables and Cheech and Chong, Hemp Cigarettes.
  4. Parties have agreed to a financial partnership including share issuances, line of credit for product inventory, capital formation, and addition of future management.
  5. Parties have agreed to assess the development of ADHC existing brand and future products under development, including products sold under the ROLLS CHOICE BRAND of cannabis adhesive pens and UNIVERSAL WELLNESS lifestyle and CBD products.

This alliance is set to springboard ADHC’S branded products into the rapidly growing CDB market sector. A recent report by Market Research Future (MRFR) indicated the CDB market is expected to reach over $59 billion by 2030 an 18% CAGR.

This alliance is set to springboard ADHC’S branded products into the rapidly growing CDB market sector. A recent report by Market Research Future (MRFR) indicated the CDB market is expected to reach over $59 billion by 2030 an18% CAGR.

See: Cannabidiol (CBD) Market Size Worth USD 59.3 Billion by (

“This alliance with ADHC’s Universal Wellness and RollsChoice brands is a great opportunity for us to build revenues with a valued partner”, commented Sandro Piancone, CEO of GGII and HPCO, “We look forward to hitting the ground running for a long term mutually beneficial alliance that enables us to sell products that have the attributes and features that represent the best parts of each brand.”

“The GGII/HPCO team is truly brilliant alliance partner for ADHC, we can now focus on pushing our brands to the forefront of the CBD and Cannabis markets with a manufacturing and brand building partner that is a dream come true for our shareholder”, commented ADHC management.

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About Hempacco (NASDAQ: HPCO)

Hempacco Co., Inc.’s goal is Disrupting Tobacco’s™ nearly $1 trillion industry with herb and hemp-based alternatives to nicotine cigarettes by manufacturing and marketing herb, spice, and cannabinoid smokables and rolling paper. Hempacco owns The Real Stuff™ functional hemp cigarette and rolling paper brand.

Hempacco’s operating segments include:

  • Manufacturing of smokables, hemp rolling paper, and cannabinoid sticks
  • Smokable technology development
  • The Real Stuff™ brand of functional smokables and rolling paper
  • Cheech and Chong Hemp Cigarettes and Hemp Hop Smokables with Rick Ross
  • Snoop Dogg Joint Venture of Hemp-Derived Products

Learn more at

Order products at

About HempBox Vending 

HempBox Vending offers a kiosk solution for smart vending technology to sell quickly moving consumer goods, including but not limited to nutraceuticals, CBD, hemp, herb, and spice smokables.


About Green Globe International, Inc. (OTC: GGII):

Green Globe International is a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods incubator and holding company of intellectual property, products, and companies that better people’s lives by helping them feel and look better inside and out.

Green Globe International (GGII) owns or has interests in several brands and companies including; Green Star Labs, Inc., changing how people feel about themselves inside and out with nutritional supplements, CBD, and beauty products, and hemp CBD cigarette and rolling paper manufacturer Hempacco Co. Inc., (NASDAQ: HPCO) Disrupting Tobacco’s™ $1 Trillion tobacco industry, with its subsidiaries and joint ventures including HempBox Vending, Inc. a vending and advertising company, Hempacco Paper Company, Inc., producing The Real Stuff Hemp Smokables and hemp paper smoking products like blunts, tubes, and cones, Cali Vibes, Inc. manufacturing cannabinoid cigarettes, HempHop Smokables, Inc., partnering with music producer and rapper Rick Ross, Cheech and Chong Smokables, Inc. delivering cannabinoid Hemp CBD cigarettes to consumers with Cheech and Chong as partners, StickIt USA, Inc., manufacturing a line of cannabinoid sticks, and HPDG, LLC a partnership with Snoop Dogg to develop hemp-derived consumer goods products.

Green Globe International is publicly traded under the ticker symbol (OTC: GGII). It continues to look for best-in-class companies, products, and patents to create Fast Moving Consumer Goods and channels to sell them, including retail automation and advertising platforms.


ADHC is a publicly traded holding company trading under the ticker symbol (OTC: ADHC).

ADHC is currently developing two web-based branded businesses.

  1.  Universal Wellness (UWS) is a wellness and lifestyle e-commerce site focused on providing innovative  products, news, and the latest healthcare developments
  1. RollsChoice™ is a Southern California-based manufacturer, distributor, and e-commerce company selling an all-natural Adhesive Glue and application device sold off and through its own website.

The Pens come in 1 ml, 2 ml, and 100 pen packs. RollsChoice™ has significant brand awareness in the cannabis industry and boasts over 80,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram. Recently over 12,000 adhesive pens have been manufactured and sold. The adhesive is made of Food Grade Premium ingredients. RollsChoice Adhesive Pen is Flavorless, Colorless, Tasteless and Stainless. It is used to seal cannabis and tobacco rolled products including blunts, joints, cigars and hand rolled cigarettes in a sterile manner allowing for long lasting adhesive qualities. The proprietary brush tip pen is recommended for precision. RC sells direct to smoke shops, dispensaries and direct to consumers through its e-commerce site. Through the companies multi year history sales over 12,000 adhesive pens and been manufactured and sold by Rolls Choice. see (USPTO ROLLS CHOICE 97278083).

RollsChoice™ has over 80,000 social media followers which will be introduced to ADHC social media platforms on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. This relationship will establish a very strong presence providing brand awareness to potential customers and shareholders as the Universal Wellness/Rolls Choice business relationship develops and revenues grow.




Instagram: https://www.instagram/rollschoicadhesivepen

In addition to the adhesive pen, RC has numerous other cannabis related products being developed that will be introduced as a result of this Acquisition agreement.

Shareholders, customers, and other interested parties can find product offerings by searching AMAZON under these UPC codes: B0B1BTNW4Q and B0B2R3D2TS or clicking this link: Rolls Choice™ Adhesive Pen (25, 1ml)

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RollsChoice™ has a pending trademark with the USPTO under application number 972978083.


ADHC has filed suit in The Eight Judicial Circuit Court, Clark County, Nevada case Number A-21-843-670, seeking the cancellation of 330,000,000 (330 MM) shares of common stock. On January 6, 2023, the court granted the motion for default. It is anticipated that the court will be issuing the formal order soon on a scheduled hearing date of April 17th, 2023.

Granting the default judgment is the final legal step before all litigation is resolved.

Currently, ADHC capitalization structure is as follows:

Shares Outstanding: 1.1 billion

Shares Restricted: 600 million

Shares in the Float: 504 million

Investor Contact:

Ernest Remo



Tel: 858-259-4534

TWITTER: @ADHCManagement. This Twitter page is the only official Twitter page for ADHC.

Information contained herein includes forward-looking statements. These statements relate to future events or future financial performance, involving known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause our actual results to be materially different from the performance or achievements expressed. You should not place undue reliance on these statements since they involve known and unknown risks, in some cases, beyond our control.


These statements relate to future events or future financial performance, involving known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause our actual results to be materially different to performance or achievements expressed. You should not place undue reliance on these statements, since they involve known and unknown risks. Any forward-looking statements reflect the current view with respect to future events and  subject to uncertainties


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