Arma Introduces Board of Directors to Spearhead Climate Change Battle Using Ground-breaking AI Strategies


Las Vegas, Nevada, March 15, 2023 — McapMediaWire — Arma Services Inc. (OTC: ARMV)  introduces Board of Directors with management team.

Climate change has been recognized by both the scientific community and government agencies as one of the most pressing challenges confronting humanity today. Swift and decisive action is crucial in the fight against climate change. Our board of directors consists of seasoned industry leaders who have pinpointed the obstacles within the carbon market.

Arma’s software uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data, including satellite imagery, historical climate data and day-to-day project management, language, and communication details. The technology helps monitor carbon offset projects effectively, identify potential issues, and take corrective actions to ensure that they deliver measurable and verifiable climate benefits. The company’s innovative technology is applicable to both new and existing projects in the forestry, agriculture, and technology sector.

The company’s experienced management team collaborates with some of the world’s foremost green organizations, including the Green Climate Fund, Climate Action Reserve, Verra, and Sureco & Partners, to work towards their shared objective of Carbon Emission Reduction, Energy Efficiency and Green Technologies.

Our Management Team

Eric Eastwood Nixon, President, Director.

For over two decades, Eric has been dedicated to making a difference in the green technology sector, bringing multiple renewable energy projects to life and striving for a carbon neutral society. He has worked alongside Conestoga College to educate the public on increase energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and researching new technologies to help reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

Eric has devoted his entire career to the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. As a visionary and expert in the field, he has been instrumental in driving the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) software integrations. His passion for innovation has not only enabled the company to stay at the forefront of technological advancements but has also inspired his team to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Through his tireless efforts, Eric continues to play a vital role in shaping the future of AI applications in the carbon sector.

Maria Teresa Tattersfield Yarza, Director, Program Originator

Teresa is the Co-Founder of Bret Consultores. She holds a degree in International Relations with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy and Management, an Specialization in Sustainable Development (LEAD program from the Colegio de México) and Energy Efficiency and Environment at FLACSO. She is currently the forest carbon Manager of World Resource Institute, Mexico, responsible for coordinating the execution of CO2munitario. She is a specialist in the design and development of methodologies and protocols that have been implemented in Mexico for the sale of offsets in the international market.

During the previous six years, she oversaw the Program of Natural Solutions at Tec de Monterrey University and was an advisor to the Neutralízate Program of Pronatura México. She has been part of the special team of advisers in sustainable development and climate change for the Foreign Ministry of the British Commonwealth Government. She has been responsible for the elaboration of strategies that combine the efforts of local and federal governments in the development of international initiatives such as Methane to Markets. In her work at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, she coordinated initiatives such as the restoration of the Lerma Chapala Basin.

Eduardo Piquero, Director /Advisor

CEO – MÉXICO2; Eduardo has more than 15 years of experience in international and national carbon pricing instruments and policies. He is currently the CEO of MÉXICO2, where he oversees the development of environmental markets, including carbon markets, clean energy certificates and green bonds.

He also led the development of the simulation exercise of a Mexican Emissions Trading System (SCE) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Mexico (SEMARNAT) as a preparation for the country’s regulated emissions scheme, with the participation of more than 90 companies. Furthermore, he participated in the creation of a secondary market for Clean Energy Certificates (CEL), which supports the Mexican Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM). In addition to his work in Mexico, Eduardo has focused on developing projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and has designed climate change projects in several countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

Eduardo has been a speaker at conferences and events related to climate change and climate finance. He was also a member of the Green Finance Working Group of the United Nations at the Initiative for Sustainable Stock Exchanges. Further, since 2021 is member of the board of the Climate Action Reserve, and in 2022 was selected as one of the 30 most sustainable minds in Mexico, by Forbes. 

Alberto Ramírez, Director, Forest Carbon Developer

Alberto has collaborated as a consultant for entities such as CONAFOR, PROBOSQUE; SEDEMA; World Wildlife Fund, Mexico; Climate Action Reserve (CAR); PRONATURE; ClimateSeed, among others, for the development and feasibility assessment of forestry carbon capture projects. He has experience as a verifier in compliance with forest regulations on sustainability with an emphasis on biodiversity and social aspects. He was the first Mexican verifier accredited by CAR and has participated in the review and proposal of GHG removal quantification protocols; such as CAR’s Forest Protocol for Mexico v.2.0. His main activities focus on the sustainable management of natural resources through the participation of rural communities. Alberto is a Biologist, graduated from the Faculty of Higher Studies Iztacala of the UNAM.

Alberto is currently the Forest Carbon Coordinator at World Resource Institute, Mexico. Alberto is responsible for coordinating carbon capture forestry projects; through capacity building in communities; linking of forest communities at the national level; and for providing advice on inventories, monitoring, reporting and verification.

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About Arma Services Inc.: At Arma Services Inc., we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the battle against climate change. Our mission is clear: to develop carbon offset projects that are not only effective, but also highly valuable. Our expertise lies in the forestry, agriculture, and technology sectors, where we use our proprietary AI software to ensure that the carbon credits we create are of the highest quality.

Our commitment to transparency and analytics is second to none, and we are proud to say that our clients trust us to deliver the best possible results. By using cutting-edge technology, we can measure the impact of our carbon offset projects in real time, providing our clients with the data they need to make informed decisions about their carbon footprint.

We believe that our work is not just a business, but a responsibility. As a public company, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and on the world at large. By expanding our portfolio of high value removals carbon offsets, we are taking a crucial step in the right direction. At Arma Services Inc., we are committed to a better future for all.

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