Get for free the full list of desalination projects on construction and modernization in Latin America

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Get for free the full list of desalination projects on construction and modernization in Latin America

Scottsdale, AZ, March 07, 2023 – Mcap MediaWire – ( (“MCAP”), a leading media outlet in providing Wire and Media Services to private and publicity listed Corporations announces today that Vostock Capital team has prepared a report called Desalination projects Latin America. The report includes all Latin America projects for desalination plants.  The report was prepared prior to the 5th International Conference and Exhibition Desalination Latin America that will take place 28-29 March 2023 in Santiago, Chile, which will bring together heads of all desalination operators from Latin America to discuss project development in modern economic realities.

Until March 20 request the list for free

Among the projects listed in the report: 

  • EL ABRA MILL PROJECT (Chile – USD $ 5 B): The project will be located south of Tocopilla and will generate water availability for the concentrator process; It also includes the water supply pipeline from the coast to the mine and intermediate pumping stations, as well as a thickened tailings deposit.
  • SANTO DOMINGO MINE (Chile – USD $1 B): Desalination plant located in the sector of the concentrator plant. Its desalination rate is 1,865 m3/day and will provide desalinated water for smaller processes, the higher consumption will be by seawater directly (without desalinating). Expected to begin operations in 2023.
  • COLLAHUASI MINE (Chile – USD $ 500 M): The Collahuasi reverse osmosis desalination plant will have an initial flow of 525 l/s that will increase to 1,050 l/s to extend the useful life of the mine by 20 years and will raise the processing capacity to 210,000 t/d compared to 170,000 t/d current. ACCIONA has been awarded the design and construction of a seawater desalination plant, the agreement also contemplates the operation and maintenance of the plant by ACCIONA for two years, extendable for another three. Meanwhile, the water supply system that will be executed by Techint contemplates the fitting out of the 195 km long aqueduct along a route parallel to the existing mineral pipeline.
  • LOS CALATOS (Peru – USD $ 650 M): The desalination plant is part of a mining project which covers an area of 275km2, has been designated a project of national interest by the Peruvian government.

Until March 20 request the list for free

Vostock Capital

Catalina Velasco
Marketing Manager  

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