CHEYENNE, WY, February 14, 2023  — McapMediaWireBlue Water Petroleum Corp (OTC: BWPC), announces that it has completed a desalination technology acquisition into its ArtAqua Technologies Ltd. subsidiary; of patent pending EP23020044.6 for a Variable Velocity Filtration System (VVF) for ecological water purification


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The patent allows for desalination without releasing brine back into the sea where the effluents are conventionally discharged. This technology negates the extreme blossoming of seaweed and algae due to the extra salt concentration binding to oxygen which creates an ecological “death zone” near coastlines. Our Variable Velocity Filtration system (VVF) is functioning as a pre-clearing desalination unit that takes 90% of the salt and impurities out. The remaining 10% are brought to zero by evaporation-condensation technology and leaves just pure water in the tank.

According to publicly available research sources, the desalination equipment and services market will expand 9.1% to 28.32 billion USD between 2022 and 2029 (

ArtAqua now will hold five patents, all with international applications in the Polymer and Chemical Technology (PCT) vertical. ArtAqua’s membrane technology not only eliminates and removes solids and chemicals but also allows for the recapture of gold and other precious metals and minerals with their Aragon and Catalon product line. Their AquaMag technology is already used in several AMDW projects and the company has provided solutions to a global customer base in the UAE, Yemen, South Africa, Tanzania, the USA, Canada, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Bolivia, China, Australia, Kazakhstan and Japan.

About Blue Water:

Blue Water Petroleum Corp, (BWPC) is a global environmental technology provider and patent aggregator, with proven executive and operations teams based in North America and the European Union.

Our primary focus is on the global multi-billion dollar Oil and Gas Sector and the Governmental and Private Desalination Market and their effluent recycling needs and the treatment of any contaminated water source. We also develop and implement modular pyrolysis systems, incorporating hydrocarbon recovery and recycling technologies. It is in this capacity that we offer sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The total issued common shares outstanding for the company is 204,081,981.

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