JetASAP Releases January 2023 Activity Report of Hourly Cost for On Demand Aircraft Charter

Now includes empty leg and posted one-way flight availability hourly rates

BOCA RATON, FL, Feb. 09, 2023 — McapMediaWire JetASAP, the only truly live commission-free private aircraft marketplace connecting flyers directly to charter operators, today announces their latest charter activity report. January hit a record number of quotes sent to flyers via the JetASAP app, ending the month with 1,995 quotes. As the charter market continues to cool, flyers averaged 12 quotes per trip request as aircraft availability increases. This aircraft supply increase can be seen across all classes of aircraft.  

Hourly rates ended the month on average 6% below December. Turbo props and super mid jets decreased by 6% followed by a 7% decrease for mid jets.  The largest decrease was seen in the light jet category of 8% with the smallest decrease in the heavy jet category of 3%. 

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All average hourly rates are based on actual occupied passenger flight hours from takeoff to landing.
Source:  JetASAP hourly rates are based on direct quotes from charter operators’ flight charges received through the JetASAP platform.  Data was collected from January 2023 and is based on 1,995 quotes received by flyers through the app. Hourly rates are “All In” and include federal excise tax (FET), fuel surcharges, as well as daily minimums, if applicable

In addition to flyers receiving live quotes from charter operators, the company also offers a feature in the app that allows aircraft operators to post available trips, including empty legs and one-way flights.  For the first time, JetASAP shares this new data of average hourly rates for these empty legs and one-ways. The below rates were collected from 9,640 trips that included pricing during the time period.  These rates on average are 38% lower than standard operator quote hourly rates.  If flyers are flexible this is a great way to take advantage of substantial trip discounts. These trips are not scheduled flights.  They may be negotiable and offer alternate airports and dates. Flyers are encouraged to reach out to operators to get quotes and see if they can accommodate their travel requirements.

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All average hourly rates are based on actual occupied passenger flight hours from takeoff to landing.
Source: JetASAP hourly rates are based on pricing for empty leg and one-way trips posted by operators for their aircraft availability, from 9,640 trips. Taxes and fees may apply

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About JetASAP

JetASAP provides subscribers with a full suite of features to source and book their charter flights, commission free.  These charter tools include: the ability to submit trip requests to over 700 charter operators and receive live bookable quotes; the JetRATE intelligent cost estimate tool; exclusive partner services at discounted rates, such as Charter Flight Support’s aircraft coverage and support when a booked aircraft becomes unavailable due to a mechanical issue; the JetSEARCH operator directory; and the ability to search and book 2,000+ daily trip deals in their live operator availability feature, which includes empty-legs, one-ways, must-move flights and transient aircraft.  This list is previously unpublished and exclusive to JetASAP.

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