GPOPlus+ Assigned Exclusive Trademark License Agreement for the Creation of Yuengling’s Ice Cream Flavored CBD + Cannabinoid Products

GPOX to create multiple medicated products based on the iconic Yuengling’s Ice Cream flavors

Las Vegas, NV and Atlanta, GA, December 12, 2022 — McapMediaWireGPO Plus, Inc. (OTCQB: GPOX), a brand creation and distribution company focused on independent and regional retailers with an ever growing product catalog, that uses the power of Group Purchasing to save businesses money, announced they entered into an exclusive Trademark License Agreement with Yuengling’s Ice Cream for the creation of a full suite of Yuengling’s branded Ice Cream Flavored CBD and Cannabinoid products.

Yuengling’s Ice Cream, founded by Frank D. Yuengling in 1920, originated as a dairy business to help support the family brewery during Prohibition. Spun off as a separate company in 1935, the Yuengling’s Ice Cream Corporation has been, and remains, a separately owned and operated company from D. G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. Brewery. The super premium ice cream brand has maintained a vast, loyal following built upon decades of making exceptional gourmet ice cream products in central Pennsylvania, renowned for its dairy quality by using locally sourced dairy ingredients that contain no added hormones. After a corporate reorganization in 2022, Yuengling’s Ice Cream is targeting the relaunch of its storied ice cream flavors in the spring/summer of 2023.

GPOX to develop a full line of CBD, hemp derived and Farm Bill Compliant cannabinoids including Delta 8, 9 and 10, THC-o, THC-x, THC-p, THC-b, THC-x, THC-b, HHC and Kratom products. The flavor profiles for each product will be based on the iconic flavors of Yuengling’s Ice Cream. Additional details regarding products, flavors, launch date and where the product will be sold will be provided in a subsequent press release.

GPOX CEO Brett H. Pojunis commented, regarding the agreement, “GPOX is honored to have been granted the exclusive opportunity to create, market and distribute the Yuengling’s Ice Cream brand of flavored CBD and Cannabinoid products. Since 1920, Yuengling’s Ice Cream has proudly produced super premium ice cream products with a focus on the highest quality ingredients. Similar to our existing offerings in the nutraceutical, hemp derived CBD and cannabinoids spaces, GPOX’s DISTRO+ division represents only the highest quality brands that use best in class ingredients. We look forward to curating these exciting new product segments with such a storied legacy brand.

We see the Yuengling’s Ice Cream flavor profiles as a complementary pairing to GPOX’s CBD and Cannabinoid products and in evaluating the best partner to create the newly branded products, GPOX most closely shared Yuengling’s unwavering commitment and ability to the use of the highest quality ingredients in these products and we look forward to assisting GPOX in the marketing and distribution process though our online channels and retail partners throughout the Midwest and Southeast,” stated Jason Daggett of YIC – Online and Retail Distributors, LLC, the company that facilitated bringing the two parties together.

Joseph Jaconi, President of DISTRO+ (GPOX’s distribution division and GPO for specialty retailers) noted “the creation of a Yuengling’s Ice Cream flavored CBD and Cannabinoid suite of products is another exciting, high quality branding opportunity for DISTRO+ to enhance our B2B business by selling to wholesalers and retailers nationwide. Our geographic reach is outstanding and the opportunity to introduce consumers to Yuengling’s Ice Cream flavored CBD and Cannabinoid products through our network is a great fit.”

Rob Bohorad, Yuengling’s current President and CEO, stated “We are very excited about pairing Yuengling’s Ice Cream’s flavor profiles with GPOX’s CBD and Cannabinoid products”. “As Rob and I work behind the scenes on the relaunch of our ice cream products, I loved the idea of working the GPOX and YIC – Online and Retail Distributors on the introduction of CBD and other hemp derived cannabinoid products. We feel it is a very creative way to distinguish and differentiate GPOX’s wonderful selection of products” added Chuck Green, Yuengling’s incoming President and CEO.

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About Yuengling’s Ice Cream
Developed by American businessman Frank D. Yuengling, as a dairy business to help support the Yuengling family brewery during the 1920s Prohibition period, Yuengling’s Ice Cream has a strong tradition of making exceptional gourmet ice cream products in central Pennsylvania. Yuengling’s Ice Cream is a super-premium ice cream, which means it has a butterfat content of 14% or greater. In addition to having high butterfat, Yuengling’s also has low overrun (or a lower amount of air). This makes the ice cream less whipped and much more dense. Yuengling’s also is constantly working to keep its product as “clean” as possible, by using as few ingredients as necessary, and those that are used are of an extremely high quality. David Yuengling and Rob Bohorad revived the brand in 2014 and an American classic was re-born. In 2018, positioned for the brand’s next stage of development, Yuengling’s Ice Cream forged a partnership with YIC – Online + Retail Distributors, to distribute the iconic ice cream brand online. The Yuengling’s Ice Cream Corporation, as it has been since 1935, is a separately owned and run company from D. G. Yuengling and Sons, Inc Brewery. Visit for more information.

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