Enerkon Solar International announces Change of Control and name Change to New Technology Acquisition Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NTAC)


New York, Oct. 06, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Enerkon Solar International announces Change of Control and name Change to New Technology Acquisition Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NTAC) – Joint Announcement:

“The New company is a high-tech, scientific, research, and development company, holding intellectual property rights related to compression technology, encryption, and other technology connected to Defense, Bio-Tech, Agri-Tech, Geno-Tech, Artificial Intelligence, and related disciplines – supported by their team of scientists and experts”

Previous Company (Enerkon) Chairman Mr. Benjamin Ballout stated today that he feels that shareholders should benefit the new company and owners and their new business model and activities.

Myra Frappier – Chairman

The new company Chairwoman – Myra Frappier stated that she is pleased to sit at the helm of New Technology Acquisition Holdings as Chairman of the Board.

The Company intends to comply with minimum information requirements pursuant to the rules, filing the June 30 2022 and September Annual Report and Statutory Attorney compliance letter during next week likely, and follow up until the OTC becomes satisfied that the company meets the minimum requirements to consider a company request to remove the CE status applied to the Symbol currently.

The Company Looks forward to Market Maker Diligence into the company and current information once posted for compliance with the rules associated with 15c211 and accordingly all market makers are welcome to consider the compliance status once the above information is posted on the new OTCIQ disclosure account is being set up this week.

New Technology Acquisition Holdings Inc (NTAC) looks forward to guiding the company towards success and value appreciation for shareholders and customers worldwide.

The foregoing statements are forward-looking statements, and as such, they may or may not reflect the results which could transpire in the future which should be negative or not transpire at all due to circumstances or other reasons, and investors, shareholders, or others should not rely on these forward-looking statements to ascertain any value if any of NTAC or to make any investment decisions and to take note that this is not an offer to buy or sell securities or an endorsement of NTAC for investment purposes as all investment carry a risk of loss sometimes a total loss of your investment in Micro cap shares markets or any market and therefore such statements or plans should not be relied upon for any business decisions of any kind – Approval and permissions required by federal regulations may or may not be approved and if not approved may result in the loss of all value and all investments in products requiring such regulatory permissions to market and sell. These statements are made as forward-looking statements for educational purposes only in accordance with the rules and regulations which pertain to the same. The company Trades on the OTC Pink Market and has a CE status that will remain until current information status is attained in accordance with OTC regulations or a 15c211 is filed by a market maker. Also, according to FINRA rules their posting of corporate action for name change and change of control may not be construed as their approval of NTAC or the former company nor may it be construed as the company being in compliance with any state federal or other rules or regulations whatsoever as the FINRA corporate action posting in within the rules promogulated for such only. Shareholders or others may not rely upon or associate such actions outside the context for which they are executed.

Company Contact Information:

New Technology Acquisition Holdings Inc.
Myra Frappier – Chairman
6th Floor – #6834
477 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022 USA

Tel. +1 (877) 573-7797
Tel. +1 (718) 709-7889



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