SFLMaven Continues to Impress with Growth and Sales Numbers


SFLMaven Plans for New Potential Revenue from Patent Pending HolgoGlow Technology for the Metaverse


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, September 29, 2022 –– McapMediaWire —  SFLMaven Corp (OTC Pink: SFLM) (“SFLMaven” or the “Company”) (www.sflmaven.com), a leading provider of high-end luxury goods is proud to announce that so far it has been a banner year in terms of sales. With over $7.8 million in sales so far this calendar year, SFLMaven is one of eBay’s most prominent and highest-rated stores. The store also recently opened a Metaverse store in Decentraland and has filed a provisional patent for a technology called HoloGlow. If the patent is approved, SFLMaven could provide companies with a way to show the value of NFT wearables in a visual interface with other Metaverse players.

SFLMaven’s Success
SFLMaven has been on a roll lately, with impressive sales numbers and continued growth post-covid. The store has over 103,000 positive feedbacks at a 100% positivity rate, which is no small feat. Thanks to the recent opening of its Metaverse store, SFLMaven is projecting the possibility of even higher revenues than ever before. And with the potential for additional licensing revenue from the pending patent, things are looking very promising for the company’s projected revenue.

What is HoloGlow?
HoloGlow is a technology that could allow NFT wearables to show their value in a visual interface with other Metaverse players. If the patent is approved, SFLMaven could provide companies with a way to display the value of their NFTs in a more user-friendly way. This would be a massive boon for the Metaverse community, as it would make it easier for players to see the value of their NFTs and make more informed decisions about how to use them.

“I believe SFLMaven is on an upwards trajectory, with no signs of slowing down. Thanks to its continued growth and impressive sales numbers, the company is well-positioned for even more success in the coming year. And with the potential for additional revenue from the pending patent, things are looking very bright for SFLMaven indeed” – Joseph Ladin, CEO.

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About SFLMaven

SFLMaven Corp. (SFLM) is a premium provider of high-end luxury goods. Famous for its Thursday Night Auction events on eBay, SFLMaven has driven over $140 million in sales since inception, earning more than 100k positive reviews. Now, SFLMaven has opened its new metaverse jewelry store in Decentraland. The company intends to deploy the same marketing and sales tactics that made it successful in the metaverse store.

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