Good Gaming Inc. Gives Response To Recent SEC Complaint Involving Fraudulent Hacking Scheme


Kennett Square, PA, August 26, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Good Gaming, Inc. (OTCQB: GMER) (the “Company”), an innovative brand leading the gaming industry across multiple segments in the space since 2008, is giving a response regarding a recent complaint filed by the SEC on August 15, 2022, in The United States District Court, regarding alleged fraudulent hacking scheme that took place in 2017 and 2018 involving Good Gaming securities indirectly owned and controlled by Glenn B. Laken, the CEO of CMG Holdings, Inc. During the timeframe of the alleged scheme, CMG Holdings, Inc. controlled a significant percentage of Good Gaming shares.

The complaint alleges a sophisticated pump and dump scheme involving 18 individuals, several entities, and the hacking of retail brokerage accounts held by innocent third-party investors to sell Good Gaming securities owned by CMG Holdings at a significant profit. The complaint also alleges Mr. Laken’s failure to file required beneficial ownership reports as outlined by The Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The shares in question were issued to Mr. Laken before the current board and management took control of the Company in 2017.

Good Gaming Inc. and its management first became aware of this complaint when the SEC published a press release on this matter on August 15th, 2022. At this time, the Company, its board members, employees, or contracted partners have not received any requests for documents, interviews, correspondence, or any other material from the SEC, FINRA, or any other related party regarding the investigation into this matter. However, the Company is more than willing to cooperate by providing any relevant information that could potentially be helpful in their investigation or prosecution.

Good Gaming Inc. is one of several brands owned by ViaOne Services, a private corporation doing more than $100 million in annual revenue. Both transparency and compliance are a cornerstone of ViaOne Services’ ethics. ViaOne Services is very accustomed to following the rules of and answering to various government and regulatory agencies as it is frequently required by the Lifeline divisions of their mobile telecommunications brands.

To further clarify, ViaOne Services first came into possession of Good Gaming Inc. after previous management defaulted on loans made to Good Gaming back in 2016. At no time was Mr. Laken, his family, or any of the other individuals named in the complaint an Officer, Director, or employee of Good Gaming Inc. after ViaOne Services took control of Good Gaming in May of 2017. Previously, his wife was a director, and he acted as a member of management of the Company, which is when he came to own his shares of the Company’s stock.

After an internal investigation, it became apparent that there were no connections between current or former officers, directors, or employees or insider trading issues because CMG Holding’s conversion of preferred stock into common stock and subsequent alleged fraudulent activity took place in and after August of 2017, just months after ViaOne Services took control of the Company. As such, current management would have no direct knowledge of CMG Holding’s securities trading activities. Additionally, it is noted in paragraph 120 of the complaint filed by the SEC, after Laken caused CMGO to convert some of its preferred stock and seek removal of its restrictive legend with his own legal opinion letter that “GMER’s outside counsel objected to the removal of the restrictive legend from Laken’s shares, and notified GMER’s transfer agent that if CMGO owned 20,000,000 shares, it would then own over 87% of GMER’s common stock and, contrary to the opinion letter, be an affiliate of GMER.” Subsequently, any required SEC disclosures Mr. Laken failed to file were based on the number of shares he owned and were his sole responsibility to disclose publicly in accordance with The Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Additionally, since ViaOne Services took over control of Good Gaming Inc., no Officer, Director, or employee of either company has sold a single share of stock in Good Gaming Inc. In the event that any officer or director of the Company sells any shares of the Company’s common stock, they will promptly file any and all necessary securities filings.

Moreover, The Company has insulated itself with strict procedural guidelines created by the best SEC attorneys, accountants, consultants, and auditors, to ensure they follow all rules and guidelines set forth by the SEC, FINRA, and OTC Markets. The Company implements these comprehensive procedures, which include proper SEC filing disclosures, should any insider want to sell shares of their stock which has never occurred. In the pursuit of constant improvement, The Company regularly evaluates its policies and procedures, sparing no expense, to ensure the utmost regulatory, legal, and ethical practices are in place.

David B. Dorwart, Good Gaming CEO, stated, “We are appalled to see Good Gaming’s name appear in this complaint. Shareholders should have confidence by knowing that current management is ethically and legally bound to abide by all rules, regulations, and guidelines set forth by the SEC, and as required as a fully reporting OTCQB company. We spare no expense to hire the best talent to keep us compliant and transparent through rigorous procedures, the way a public company should be run.”

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