Buscar Company Announces It Has Increased Its Mineral Claim Holdings By Over 800% In Past 12 Months; Expands Into Nevada with Acquisition of New Gold Claim


Buscar Company continues its expansion of its mining claims having increased the size of its mineral claims by over 800% to approximately 2,000 acres and has expanded its operations into Nevada


BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Aug. 23, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Buscar Company, Inc. (OTC: CGLD), a mining company with mineral rights claims in California and Nevada, announced that it has expanded its mineral rights claims by over 800% in the past 12 months. The company also expanded its mining operations by staking an additional 10 claims in Nevada.  These 10 claims represent the Company’s initial acquisition in Nevada and part of over 3,000 acres that the Company is exploring with the intent to acquire.

The Company began in 2020 with a single project in California with 200 acres and today has expanded to 4 projects with approximately 2,000 acres in Nevada and California.  Additionally, the Company is looking to acquire Lithium projects in the United States as they continue to expand its portfolio of mineral claims holdings.

The Nevada Project:

The Company is currently reviewing over 4,000 acres as possible acquisition (or staking) targets in Nevada, the largest gold producing state in the United States.  Nevada was recently named by the Fraser Institute as the world’s top mining jurisdiction due to a very mining-friendly bureaucracy, clear permitting process, as well as very favorable mining industry tax rate.  The acquisition of these new projects will allow the company to expedite projects compared to its California projects.

Mr. Heathman, the President, explains “These new claims are a step out from our holdings in Northern California, but follow on the exploration methods we use to identify prime targets for further exploration and Nevada provides an easier regulatory framework than in California. To date, limited exploration has been conducted on the property, including Geospatial Data Analyses and soil sampling. Initial soil sampling indicated approximately 16 grams per ton of gold.”

According to the World Gold Council, larger and better-quality underground mines contain around 8 to 10 g/t gold, while marginal underground mines average around 4 to 6 g/t gold. Open-pit mines usually range from 1 to 4 g/t gold, but can still be highly valuable.1

Mr. Heathman continues, “Using the soil sampling data and linear features maps that were generated, we believe these to be the best locations for claims in the area.  They are based on significant gold and silver values found in soil sampling in an area of significant gold and silver production in the past.  Gold and silver have been produced in the area since 1901, with some very rich deposits found. The area staked is surrounded by producing mines and prospect pits and tunnels.  Although further exploration is required, we believe this is an area that can lead to great potential for gold and silver production for the company.  The ore bodies are predominantly mineralized fracture zones in the volcanic rocks of the area.  The claims were placed to take advantage of multiple fracture zones indicated by linear features that can be mapped from the aerial photographs of the area. Through our exploration activities, we will further refine the best targets for economic mineralization and plan our program of shallow and deep core drilling to delineate the ore bodies that can be economically mined and processed.”

The Company will be announcing further information on our other projects and our current exploration programs as they advance in the near future.

About Buscar Company

Buscar Company is a junior exploration company that is focused on delivering value through mineral discoveries, leveraging its highly experienced in-house technical knowledge, and identifying 2-3 projects per year. The Company has projects in California and Nevada. The Company is working on changing its name to EON Discovery.

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