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Las Vegas, NV, August 18, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Suntex Enterprises Inc. (OTC Pink: SNTX) is excited to announce to shareholders and the public that the Company has acquired an impressive Spirits Brand. Along with the rapidly growing Butting Botanicals CBD, and Pumped CBD Beverage, Warrior Spiced will assist in transforming Suntex Enterprises into a true “Lifestyle” company.

On August 8th, 2022, Suntex Enterprises, Inc. acquired controlling interest in Warrior Spiced Tequila. Warrior Spiced Tequila is a Jalapeño and Cinnamon flavored Tequila produced in Jalisco, Mexico. The State of Jalisco, Mexico, located in Western Mexico, is the traditional home of Tequila. The producer of Warrior Spiced Tequila as well as other brands have been producing agave-based tequila for over 100 years. Their continued production of Warrior Spiced Tequila will allow the transition and importation to the United States to be seamless.

Suntex Enterprises has entered into a partnership with an organization that currently possesses licensing that allows them to import and distribute spirits brands throughout the United States. This will allow Suntex Enterprises and Warrior Spiced Tequila access to the wholesale and retail market without the costly and time-consuming process of applying for licensing in each state.

According to the Distilled Council of The United States, tequila sales reached $5.2 billion in the United Sates in 2021. Tequila was the second-fastest growing spirits category, trailing only pre-mixed cocktails. The evolution of the tequila market will continue to expand throughout 2023 and beyond.
Suntex Enterprises expects Warrior Spiced Tequila to become the leader in the “Flavored Tequila” market, much like other companies have done with Whiskey and Vodka. Warrior Spiced Tequila is expected to debut in the United States before the lucrative holiday season. Suntex Enterprises will be establishing sales and revenue expectations for 2023 shortly after the introduction of Warrior Spiced Tequila.

Warrior Spiced Tequila is a pure agave tequila infused with cinnamon and containing a jalapeño pepper in each bottle. This exciting flavor combination produces a spicy and fiery flavor with the kick of tequila. The red-hot flavor profile is perfect on its own or combined in a “Spicy Margarita”. It is the intention of Suntex Enterprises to hear the battle cry “Are you Warrior enough?” from Coast to Coast. Warrior Spiced Tequila is not a traditional tequila and is not marketed to the traditional market. It is marketed to the more adventurous warriors among us.
Warrior Spiced Tequila is offered in a 750ml glass bottle with a colorful label emphasizing the Warrior spirit the tequila embodies. The tequila is 40% alcohol, making the brand 80 proof. Suntex Enterprises is targeting a retail price of $24.99 to $29.99 per unit allowing the brand to compete profitably without alienating a younger more dynamic market.
The introduction of Warrior Spiced Tequila will allow Warrior Spiced to offer other flavor combinations at a later date to expand the brand.

Suntex Enterprises in very excited about the latest acquisition in the Life-Style space. The Company will be aggressively researching other entities that will expand the Company’s reach, revenues and profits.
Starting this fall, Warrior Spiced Tequila will embark on an aggressive Social Media campaign complete with merchandise sales to support the brand. Future exploits will be announced on as well as Suntex’s Twitter page @Suntex110.

Suntex Enterprises invites the public to follow future updates through the Company’s Twitter @Suntex110.

The public is also invited to follow Budding Botanicals on Twitter @BuddingCA.

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