Nate’s Food Co. Announces the Launch of “Nate’s Food Podcast” and Release of Episode One

Episode 1 covers Nate’s experiences innovating in the food industry and insights around creating multi-million-dollar food brands

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – July 28, 2022 – McapMediaWire — Nate’s Food Co. (OTC: NHMD), an emerging leader in the development and distribution of unique food products, is excited to announce the launch of the Company’s official podcast, “Nate’s Food Podcast”, which will offer insights for entrepreneurs, foodies, and shareholders seeking deeper access as the Company builds its next major food product brand.

Nate’s Food Podcast is hosted by Company CEO, Nate Steck, entrepreneur and trained French Chef. With over 20 years’ experience in Product Development and Food Production, Nate has already taken over 30 successful products from concept to shelf, driving national distribution for consumer brands and private labels and cumulative sales topping $175 million.

The first episode of Nate’s Food Podcast went live on July 24. Some highlights from Episode One are covered below, but there are many interesting insights and anecdotes not included here. So, interested readers are encouraged to listen to the episode at

In the first episode, Nate introduces the podcast and his reasons for launching it.

“The other night, I was explaining to a group of friends – over dinner – what it takes to be in the food business. They were fascinated and had no idea the multiple steps required. They said, ‘do a podcast to explain to the general public and amateur foodies how to run a food company.’ I also felt it would help shareholders get a deeper knowledge as I address questions I have received.”

As Steck notes, the podcast will focus on the behind-the-scenes story of how to develop innovative multi-million-dollar food product brands “from concept to consumer”.

Episode One, “Intro to Nate Steck and Nate’s Food Podcast”, covers broad conceptual and philosophical ideas drawn from Nate’s lived experience as an entrepreneur and brand developer in the food industry, as well as how he first got into the culinary arts.

Nate discusses various successful products he has created or co-created in the past, including his highly successful Batter Blaster product.

“We were able to sell both the polenta company and Elena’s Food Specialties, and then I moved into a very interesting creative idea: that idea was called Batter Blaster. It was an aerosol, organic pancake and waffle batter. It took me three years to develop. And we went to market and had some immediate successes. Over ten years, we sold millions of cans. But production was always an issue.”

Steck goes on to discuss how the balance between cost, pricing, volume, packaging, and production systems presents unique constraints for food product innovators.

“That leads me back to our new brand, Sh’Mallow. In future episodes, I will use Sh’Mallow to demonstrate how to launch a food product.”

Nate discusses how Sh’Mallow (, a marshmallow product packaged and sold in a pressurized container like whipped cream, was dreamt up by a worker in a coffee shop who wanted to use a marshmallow topping for some drinks (instead of whipped cream). But he needed a similar delivery mechanism because marshmallows don’t stay fresh in opened packages.

Nate started working with this founder in 2016 and soon decided Sh’Mallow was destined to be a “huge winner”, especially given Nate’s deep experience in adapting foods to a pressurized can packaging and delivery system.

As covered in the Company’s release dated July 21, Nate’s Food Co. has executed an exclusive license agreement to manufacture and distribute Sh’Mallow.

Future episodes of Nate’s Food Podcast will offer a real-time backstage pass as the Company works to make Sh’Mallow into a household name and a blockbuster food product branding success.

About Nate’s Food Co.

The Company operates two divisions: (1) Food development and distribution and (2) bitcoin mining. The Company’s focus is the development of food products for distribution in wholesale membership stores and into retail grocery stores.  The Company is currently selling Sh’Mallow as The Company also operates a bitcoin mining division as hedge against inflation.

Additional information is available by visiting company’s website at or on twitter at

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