UAT Group’s Subsidiary, H2O Processing, Acquires Nathaniel Energy



Denver, CO, July 07, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc’s (OTC Pink: UATG) subsidiary, H2O Processing, announced today that it has acquired Nathaniel Energy, Ltd which holds various intellectual property.

Chief Executive Officer of UAT Group stated, “H2O’s acquisition of Nathaniel Energy adds key IP that compliments the company’s green initiatives across a suite of market segments. The implications of developing this tech further are far reaching and an exciting addition to the growing list of in-house IP”.

Nathaniel Energy Corporation has developed several waste-to-energy systems that convert solid wastes (municipal waste, tires, rice hulls, etc.) into usable energy. Examples of these systems have been installed across the United States. In Virginia, the Norfolk Housing Authority installed a Combustor in the main boiler facility for the Norfolk housing project.  The request was to supply the domestic heat and hot water for 400 apartments.  The Combustor was installed utilizing peanut shells as fuel and met all required air quality emissions standards.

In Georgia, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution Newspaper had a combustor installed to address the two defined problems at their main plant. Nathaniel Energy successfully removed paper, plastic and pallet waste while also providing heated air to reduce moisture within the printing presses. Utilizing all “waste” from the plant, the material was shredded and fed into the Nathaniel Combustor which produced process heat for the plant. In Washington, the Paxport Mill’s Tacoma site produced many tons of sawdust requiring removal at significant expense.  Additionally, milled cedar produced onsite required costly gas-powered kilns to dry the wood.  Nathaniel Energy installed a Combustor system which utilized the waste material saw dust to produce the heat needed for the kilns. This new system eliminated costly hauling fees to remove waste, utilized waste for free energy and reduced the carbon footprint of the mill exponentially. The City of Yuma, Colorado, Purchased a Combustor for their local landfill. The landfill produced RDF to make steam for the RDF plant and reduce the “waste” in their landfill.

The disposal of used tires is a continuing concern. They consume valuable landfill space, provide breeding grounds for disease-carrying parasites, represent a serious potential threat to the environment as air pollution and water pollution (bacteriological degradation). Additionally, the disposal of these tires represents the loss of a considerable amount of energy and usable resources.  Steel-free rubber shreds can be fed into the Nathaniel Energy Combustor where the fuel components are converted into a fuel gas. The three-stage process gasifies the volatile hydrocarbons and dissociates heavier hydrocarbon molecules into basic components which then oxidizes the remaining heavy hydrocarbons and solid carbon into a fuel gas which is collected mixed with a closely controlled amount of air and combusted at a very high temperature. This extreme temperature destroys effectively 100.0% of the hazardous air pollutants. The heat from this reaction is used to produce steam to generate electricity. A single facility is capable of producing more than 20 Megawatts of electricity, enough to supply 20,000 households.

Nathaniel Energy installed a tire recycling plant in Hutchins, Texas and received thousands of automobile and truck tires at the facility. The tires were shredded, wire removed and the shredded tires became Tire Derived Fuel (TDF). The TDF was sold to Holsem Cement for fuel for their cement making process. The removed wire was sold for scrap. The Hutchins plant was designed, installed and operated by Nathaniel for several years before it was sold.

H2O Processing CEO commented, “Having been a part of the development of the combustor technology, it is nice to have the technology back under our roof to be further developed and improved. It has always been my vision to utilize this technology in concert with other products, municipalities and services. This is a revolutionary technology that is much needed in modern times”.

While current designs are very efficient and produce very low air emissions, it is possible to further reduce the air emissions and at the same time improve the overall energy efficiency of the facility.  Utilizing technology from H2O Processing, a facility has the potential to become a true state of the art Zero Emission Facility (ZEF). H20 Processing intends to use this newly added technology to power its water treatment systems while working towards zero emissions technology to be supplied across a multiple market segment and products. The company plans on filing additional patents in the future.

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