Resgreen Group Announces Major Milestone with LilBuddy™ Pilot Testing


Shelby Township, Michigan, June 23, 2022 — McapMediaWire –– Resgreen Group International (OTC PINK: RGGI), Resgreen Group International (OTC PINK: RGGI), a leading mobile robot company, announced today a partial release of pilot testing underway for LilBuddy™.

Extensive testing of two important features has wielded positive results involving maneuverability with the use of four omnidirectional casters and travel over uneven surfaces both indoor and outdoor.


The omnidirectional casters utilize small, free-spinning roller wheels located on the outside diameter. This allows LilBuddy™ to change direction without the normal restrictions imposed by traditional casters. Traditionally, omniwheels have replaced the drive-wheels on robots that can strafe (move sideways). While strafing may provide some additional maneuverability, omniwheels tend to hamper the ability for the robot to travel and stop on any grade. For this reason, LilBuddy™ features two high-torque, brushless drive-wheels with powerful electronic braking. This configuration provides superior performance by allowing zero degree turning (without the loss of traction) and stable standing on graded inclines.

In addition, LilBuddy™ is equipped with an independent shock system for each drive-wheel permitting stable travel over uneven surfaces and thresholds. When paired with the mobility provided by the omnidirectional casters, LilBuddy™ can easily travel through a wide variety of environments. Extensive testing continues to demonstrate LilBuddy™ experiencing no issue with crossing doorway thresholds, well-worn factory floors, and loading docks.

“LilBuddy™’s unique drive system of four omnidirectional casters and dual high-torque differential drive-wheels makes this one of the most stable, sturdy, and nimble AMRs on the market. This AMR, along with BotWay™ traffic management software, and an on-board safety management system, provides an excellent value for product movement,” says Parsh Patel, CEO of RGGI. “LilBuddy™ and BotWay™ are truly state-of-the-art with growing possibilities within the Industry 4.0 atmosphere. We are proud to bring this innovative product to market.”

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