U.S Wins Court Case to Seize Two Planes Owned by Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich

The United States has won a court case in which it seeks to seize two planes belonging to Russian billionaire and oligarch roman Abramovich under the sanctions and measures imposed by U.S on Russia due to its invasion to Ukraine which happed several months ago.

The two aircraft are worth almost $400 million, according to the Justice Department, the $350 million Boeing 787 Dreamliner and $60 million Gulfstream G650 ER were not in U.S custody. The officials failed to reveal if the U.S authorities knows their locations.

The federal court in Manhattan issued the warrants on the ground that Russia recent flights violated U.S. export controls imposed after Russia invaded Ukraine. The officials said this warrants are likely to prevent from helping to move the aircrafts.

The Commerce Department said that the Gulfstream flew from Istanbul to Moscow on March 12, left the following day for Tel Aviv and flew from Istanbul to Moscow again on March 15. The Boeing flew from Dubai to Moscow on March 4,” said the Justice Department.

According to the department, since the planes are U.S made and the flights took place after export restrictions went into effect, Abramovich who is Russian who have needed a license from the commerce to fly them to Russia but he didn’t request for any license.

The Justice Department may consider to fine Abramovich up to $328,121 for each unlicensed flight which translates to almost $1 million for the three flights, among other penalties.

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