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Shandong, China, June 08, 2022 — McapMediaWire — SPO Global Inc. (OTC PINK: SPOM), a healthcare and biotech company, today provides an in depth discussion of the company’s medical devices.

SPO Global Inc.’s medical devices include low frequency therapeutic instruments and intelligent Chinese medicine decocting machines, both of which have contributed to the company’s growing revenues.

The company’s new low-temperature small molecule lossless decocting machine combines ultrasonic negative pressure with intelligent decocting technology, ultrasonic low-temperature cold extraction and traditional heating technology.

These machines prove to be extremely advantageous, increasing the extraction efficiency by 2-60 times, making the small molecule Chinese medicine soup more conducive to absorption, improving the effect of the drug, shortening the extraction time, reducing the energy consumption, automating the entire process, and making liquid medicine convenient to carry and store for up to 70 days. These machines are patented in China and clients include Chinese medical clinics, facilities, and hospitals.

The company’s new low-frequency electrotherapy instrument uses low-frequency pulse current below 1000Hz to treat diseases. Electrical stimulation can destroy the polarization state of the membrane and cause the excitement of nerve and muscle. The frequency of 400HZ, nerve impulses-like and 140US specific pulse width and sawtooth waveform are the best combination, which is highly matched with the bioelectric field of human body in all layers of tissues. It can stimulate injured nerve repair and sports injury rehabilitation most effectively. Clients for this device include traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in Shandong.

Additionally, the company is extremely pleased that the Jinan center has been developed and the infrastructure has been completed.

“We look forward to the completion of our projects in Shandong, Qingdao and other place. We will continue to update our shareholders with our progress and will strive to share some photos of our work, once the ongoing lockdowns in China have been lifted,” stated Fengyou Lu.

We encourage our shareholders to visit our corporate Twitter account for more updates: https://twitter.com/spo_global

About SPO Global Inc. (OTC Pink: SPOM): SPO Global Inc. recently completed its merger with Gerpang Healthcare Group. (www.gerpanghealthcare.com). Its subsidiary, Shandong Gerpang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an innovative and technological private enterprise located in the pharmaceutical Valley Industrial Park of Jinan High Tech Zone. Its main business scope includes Biomedical R&D, medical information software development and sales, medical high-tech introduction, medical high-quality consumables production and sales, health care products, drugs, medical equipment consumables agency and sales.

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