Amazon to Cease Supplying China Retailers With its Kindle

U.S leading online retailer Amazon Inc. (AMZN) will stop supplying China retailers with its Kindle e-readers it will also close its Kindle e-bookstore in China next year. This development comes as the latest pullback of Amazon from what it terms as a restrictive market in China.

Amazon made this announcement through its WeChat account on June 2 the company however failed to give any reason behind the move it only said it was adjusting the strategic focus of its operations further adding that its other businesses in China would continue.

We remain committed to our customers in China. As a global business, we periodically evaluate our offerings and make adjustments, wherever we operate. With our portfolio of businesses in China, we will continue to innovate and invest where we can provide value to our customers,” said Amazon.

According to the announcement, the Kindle China e-bookstore will stop selling ebooks from June 30, 2023. The customers will however be able to continue downloading any purchased books up to 2024. Additionally, Amazon will also remove the Kindle app from Chinese app stores in 2024.

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