Renault Unveils Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Prototype SUV

France based vehicle manufacturer Renault SA (EPA: RNO) unveiled hydrogen-powered prototype sport utility vehicle (SUV) as it seeks to catch up with its peers in the automobile industry who have been competing to produce environmental friendly vehicles.

The SUV is dubbed ‘Scenic Vision’ and the company said it will be commercially available staring from 2030 however, its fully electric version is set to hit the market on 2024. The SUV was unveiled on May 19.

The hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle has an electric motor same to that of an electric vehicle but the motor is powered by electricity produced through hydrogen which enhances the battery’s range.

A 16kW fuel cell will extend the car’s range to 800km without recharging, and the battery will be twice as light, resulting in a 75% reduction in carbon footprint compared to a conventional electric model,” said Renault.

This development comes at a time when Renault is pursuing a move to spin off its electric vehicle business away from its combustion engine business.

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