Microsoft to Change Licensing Terms Following Cloud Computing Complaints

Technology company and software developer Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) says that it will be changing its licensing term to enable cloud service providers to better compete following a huge backlash and complaints on the matter.

This development was announced on May 18 by the company’s president Brad Smith while on a conference organized by think tank Bruegel in Brussels. Smith said the company wants to act on the complaints.

It really starts by giving more options to European cloud providers. So if there’s a company that has a data center but wants to run solutions in its cloud PBX data center, we’re creating more options for them to do so with our software, because that’s what they’ve been asking for,” said Smith

According to Smith, the changes will allow service cloud providers to offer Windows as a complete desktop operating system, providing longer-term price protection and revising licensing terms.

Two European software companies had filed complaints about Microsoft’s cloud practices, the EU antitrust regulators fined Microsoft 1.6 billion euros ($1.7 billion).

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