Tencent Music Sued by NetEase’s Cloud Music Unit for Unfair Competition

The Cloud Music Unit of NetEase has filed a lawsuit against Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) accusing it of unfair competition practices and plagiarizing its app design. The Music Unit made the announcement on April 27.

NetEase Cloud Music says features on TME’s suite of music streaming apps allowed its users to sidestep copyright protection and play songs licensed by NetEase Cloud Music further accusing TME of copying the design and some features of its app.

We urge TME to immediately rectify its products and businesses and stop all behaviors of unfair competition,” said NetEase Cloud Music.

This goes down as the latest battle between the two parties which have always had a long-standing rivalry between them as the both China based tech companies have been competing to add more users and sign popular musicians.

Last year, Chinses antitrust regulator fined TME on antitrust ground and banned it from signing exclusive music copyright agreements prompting the company to terminate all such pacts.

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