Days of False Promises are Over Says Starbucks CEO

Howard Schultz, the chief executive officer of American chain of coffeehouses and roaster reserves Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) claims that the days of false promises are over. The CEO made the claim during a video addressing the company’s employees telling them ‘a lot of false promises over the last few years.’

We are going to make promises that we will keep, promises that are real and going to solve the problems that exist in your stores,” said the CEO.

Last month, Schultz made a third come-back at the helm of the company coming back at a time when there is a growing union drive at United States Cafes. A few weeks ago, Starbucks was accused by a federal labor board of unlawfully retaining two employees in in a Phoenix, Arizona, café for trying to unionize their store.

The CEO says that he wants to focus on issues raised by employees during their ‘co-creation sessions’ such as need for guaranteed hours, need for more training, issues concerning ice machine breaking like maintenance and repairs not coming in timely manner.

I have realized there have been many short term decisions that have had an adverse effect. We are going to reverse that,” added the CEO.

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