DaVita and its Ex-CEO Acquitted of U.S Antitrust Charges

Late last week, healthcare company providing kidney dialysis through outpatient dialysis center across the United States DaVita Inc. (DVA) together with its former chief executive officer Kent Thiry, was acquitted by a judge in Denver, Colorado of charges pressed against the company that it conspired with competitors not to employ each other’s employees.

In the case, the Justice Department had that both DaVita and Surgical Care Affiliates LLC required senior level employees who wanted to work for them to notify their current employers that they were looking for jobs elsewhere.

According allegations made by the Justice Department last year, between 2012 and 2017, and DaVita had allegedly inked an anti-poaching pact which prevented each company from poaching any senior level employee from the other.

The jury affirmed that this case should never have been brought. I want to thank the community that provided so much support through this difficult time,” said Thiry.

Contrast to the norm of majorly focusing on prices and innovation in enforcing antitrust law, Biden’s administration has shifted its focus somewhat to put more focus on illegal agreements which might cut down wages.

We are grateful to put this matter behind us. We remain committed to operating with integrity and upholding the highest standards of law,” said DaVita.

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