Tencent to Block Platform Which Grants Chinese Access to Unapproved Foreign Games

China based multinational technology and entertainment company Tencent Holdings Ltd. (HKG: 0700) which is also China’s largest social and gaming firm has said that it will be blocking a platform which allows Chinese gamers to play unapproved foreign games.

The company made this announcement on April 14 further adding that on May 31st it will be updating its games speed booster mobile and desktop apps to new versions which would only support games operating in China.

According to Tencent, the new versions will no longer allow users to access foreign games in China. The company says this move is in compliance with regulatory requirements considering that in recent times Chinese regulators have been scrutinizing the industry more closely.

Unlike other counties, gamers in China are only to play games approved by the government additionally, they are not allowed to play with foreigners on foreign servers.

This development comes less than a week after China lifted a nine-month freeze on gaming licenses. During this period, Tencent and other players in the industry had to adopt major adjustments in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

Many gamers in China took it online to express their disappointment by this move however, many of them said they are not surprised by the decision.

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