Mercedes-Benz Aiming to Produce EVs Consuming 10 KWh of Energy per 100 km

German based car manufacturer Mercedes Benz Group AG (DDAIF) is aiming at producing electric vehicles consuming as little as 10 kilowatt hours (KWh) of energy per 62 miles (100 kilometers). This was revealed by the company’s chief technology officer, Markus Schaefer on April 14.

This energy consumption rate is third more efficient than the current average for electric cars vehicles. According to the CTO, efficient design is key to maximizing the range of an electric car, the CTO was making the sentiments at an event which the company was celebrating the successful completion test drive of its EQXX prototype vehicle for over 1,000 km from Sindelfingen in Germany to the Cote d’Azur on a single charge.

First we optimise efficiency, and then we can see how many battery modules we put in the car,” said the CTO.

Citing data from car comparison portal Carwow, Mercedes’ EQS has the highest range on the electric car market with 768 km then it is followed by Tesla’s Model S Long Range which has a 652 km range.

There’ll be a further increase for some time before a fall, which will happen once charging infrastructure is as available as petrol stations,” added the CTO.

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