Facebook Suspends Over 400 Accounts Citing Misinformation Ahead of Philippines General Elections

Meta Platforms Inc. (FB) owned social media network Facebook has suspended more than 400 accounts, pages and groups ahead of the general election in Philippines, Meta says this move is aimed at curbing spread of misinformation and hate speech across its platform during the electioneering period.

The election date is May 9 and concerns over hate speech and misinformation across social media platforms and the internet have been increasing as candidates and their supporters have been taking to social media platforms to run their campaigns.

Last month, candidates contesting for the Presidential seat, emphasized on the need of holding social media companies accountable for the spread of misinformation across their various platforms.

On April 6, Meta said advertisers in Philippines will have to complete its ad authorization process and include ‘paid for by’ disclaimers on ads linked to the upcoming elections, politics and various social issues.

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