Axis Technologies Group, Inc (OTC: AXTG) signed MOU with Big Sun Group Limited, one of Taiwan largest solar panel manufacturer and solar plant management group to digitization of REC to offset carbon credits with users with NFT on ETHFUND


Los Angeles, CA, April 7, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: AXTG) (‘AXTG’ or the ‘Company’) announces today the digitization of carbon credits using the AXTG ETHFUND platform BigSun NFT’s Solar REC will wrap solar Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)  into ERC20 tokens and NFTs on the Axis Technologies Group, Inc. ETHFUND Platform. Wrapping will include certification and IP protection by a  EU trademark and patent office.

The wrapping protocol has been developed by AXTG. Wrapping will include certification and IP protection by a EU patent office. And is the first REC wrap on the Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol and will be fully operational by second quarter 2022.

Summer Luo, Chairman. of Big Sun Group Limited says: “This will be a latest strategic partnership to enable digitization of REC digital assets in Taiwan and trade carbon credit globally partnering with Axis Technologies Group, Inc. Wrapping, the digital assets directly owned by the Solar power plants”.

Users of the ETHFUND, Web 3.0 wallets will be able to access and trade carbon credit and carbon offsets wrap by using Ethereum smart contracts enabling wallet holders  to monetize the  green digital assets generated and track the REC generated through Big Sun’s solar plants.

Wrapping Ethereum allows the direct, seamless exchange between Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens without the need for a trusted third-party and without incurring in unnecessary risks such as unexpected errors during transactions resulting from complex implementations.

Sandbox Model:

William Tien, President of AXTG, states that “AXTG and Big Sun Group have advanced quickly building a Web 3.0 NFT staking platform inside our ETHFUND’s NFT marketplace for verification and accreditation of the solar Renewable Energy Certificates (REC). Demonstrating the efficacy of the technology and provide verifiable proof of the key conceptual elements of this strategic innovation.”

This sandbox model is expected to be completed within the second quarter of 2022 and implemented with 2 solar plant test sites in Taiwan. Interested parties, including investors, patrons and developers, may inquire further by contacting

Big Sun Group Limited:

Big Sun Group Limited is a professional solar energy manufacturer located in Taiwan and was established in 2006 by a group of enthusiastic and talented semi-conductor evangelists.

Big Sun Group manages more than 3,000 solar power plants (800 MW) in Taiwan and Japan. The REC digital data is generated through their AIOT device connected directly  to each solar panel. Big Sun Group’s iPV Tracker has been recognized with multi-national patents and has been awarded with Taiwan Industry Innovation Award (2013). In addition, its derivative product “iPV Smart Farm” has won the Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Award (2015) and the Top 10 Highlights Award (2015.2016.2017.2018) at the SNEC PV Expo.

Please visit the Big Sun Group website for more information

Axis Technologies Group, Inc.:

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: AXTG) is a publicly traded holding company that focuses on the acquisition, alignment, and growth of disruptive fintech and decentralized finance companies.

Axis Technologies Group actively seeks targets in which it can acquire and accelerate market expansion, targeting companies with solid management teams and business models, large total attainable markets (TAM), and lucrative exit opportunities.

The company places emphasis on decentralized finance, leveraging blockchain technologies to provide industry-leading financial solutions, which, over time, will allow for the capture of recurring revenue streams.

Please visit Axis Technologies Group for more information.

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