XCPCNL Business Services Announces Launch of First Product from Centiment Capital Holdings Partnership



Charlotte, North Carolina, April 5, 2022 — McapMediaWire — XCPCNL Business Services Corporation (OTC Pink: XCPL), a venture development business that leverages knowledge, skill, and experience in the consumer products industry, is excited to announce phase one of the acquisition of Centiment Capital: the further development and commercial application of MantasPrime, a Crypto Trading Platform.

MantisPrime has developed a proprietary emotional search engine (“EiQ”) that utilizes neuro data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to sense and predict emotional responses within any number of categories.  This EiQ can predict movements in the market by analyzing public sentiment.  In other words, the EiQ knows where the crowd is headed before the group becomes cognizant.  This EiQ was initially developed at a hackathon at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Kansas School of Medicine (KUMC).

The EiQ can help serve as a signal generator by predicting market changes and pricing.  This means an individual can lead the crowd instead of studying it.  EIQ allows for a quick reaction to a changing market and sets the call to action for others to follow.

Via the Company’s Crypto as a Service Platform (CaaS™), Manta Prime, a Neuro / AI-Enabled Trading tool, will allow the processing of public news, data streams, and behavior patterns to inform a long/short trading strategy.  MantisPrime currently operates short on crypto positions driven by AI research and automated trading technology.  The algorithms have high EQs, read markets and apply neural-based sentiment models.

Mantis Prime will be the proprietary trading business arm of XCPCNL once the acquisition of Centiment Capital is complete.

The commercial application is anticipated to be a 9-figure generator.

“We are beyond ecstatic to be in the commercialization phase with Micah and his team to finalize consumer-facing for Mantis and complete the acquisition.  This will be one of many consumer-centric products to be developed from this partnership,”  said CEO Tim Matthews.

Components of MantisPrime

  • Trade Entry System/Algorithmic Trade Platform
    • MantisPrime uses an algorithmic trading platform (“ATP”) which is designed to carry out automated trading using supervised learning to place orders that require little to no human intervention.

Market Price Prediction System (Equities)/MantisPrime News Trading Algorithm

  • The MantisPrime news trading algorithm and associated strategy are a custom piece of software and set of databases that break down into stock selection, relationship modeling between stocks, event modeling, and instrument selection.

Market Volume Prediction Algorithm (Cryptocurrencies) a/k/a “HJEM.” 

  • HJEM is an algorithm that predicts the action path of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and trades for profit using machine learning derived from historical exchange behavior, emotional analytics based on top wallet holders and trading APIs built to integrate into multiple crypto exchanges.  The strategy is to place short, extremely accurate second-by-second trades to achieve alpha on the resulting delta.

Network Event Effect RNN/Price Impact Algorithm.

  • The application will combine news and information about mergers & acquisitions and equity trades to generate actionable intelligence on any given asset class.

SaaS Solution

  • This is the to be built software as a Service solution that allows clients to deposit funds and see returns using the MantisPrime automated equity and crypto trading algorithmic systems.  The system analyzes social media data to predict, aggregate and understand that data.  In the context of MantisPrime, the SaaS solution is used to scan the web with the crypto asset or equity being traded.

“This partnership is the future of the industry,” said Centiment Capital CEO Micah Brown.

XCPCNL Business Services Corporation (OTC Pink: XCPL) encourages shareholders to visit their corporate Twitter account at https://twitter.com/RealXCPCNL.

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