SPO Global Inc. Announces Partnership Between Cinuo Traditional Chinese Medicine, Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd and Spun SPO Medical (Group), a subsidiary of Gerbang Medical


Shandong, China, March 29, 2022 — McapMediaWire — SPO Global Inc. (OTC PINK: SPOM), a healthcare and biotech company, today announced a partnership Between Cinuo Traditional Chinese Medicine, Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd and Spun SPO Medical (Group), a subsidiary of Gerbang Medical.

On March 24th, 2022, Mr. Lu Fengyou, Chairman of Shandong SPO Medical (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Gerbang Medical Group met with Mr. Zhangjie, Chairman of Cinuo Chinese Medicine Technology Group Co., Ltd., and reached a strategic agreement on the future development of establishing an intelligent Chinese medicine substitute center.

Jinan Project Center serves 500 medical institutions. The investment is RMB 12 million, the annual output value is about RMB 80 million, and the annual net profit is RMB 16 million. The project covers five business segments: ancient Chinese medicine research and achievement transformation, online Chinese medicine specialist hospital, Yi Jiankang intelligent platform, intelligent decocting equipment and Chinese herbal medicine intelligent planting project. Keeping in mind sophisticated and intelligent medical care and keeping pace with the times, creating the “internet plus” model will help to modernize traditional Chinese medicine.

Cinuo Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale modern Chinese medicine science and technology innovation enterprise integrating scientific research, production, transformation and marketing services. The company’s predecessor was Shandong Cinuo Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In order to accelerate the implementation of scientific and technological innovation of traditional Chinese medicine to drive economic development, Cinuo Group established a technology research and development center.

Relying on the strong technical strength and platform advantages of the School of Pharmacy, University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a series of related products have been developed and completed, which are applied to the research and development of Chinese medicine automatic intelligent equipment, Chinese medicine purification, disease risk assessment and wisdom of Chinese medical data. There are signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Lu Fengyou, chairman of SPO Medical Group, expressed the hope that in the future, he would cooperate with Cinuo Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Group in depth to jointly build a Chinese medicine substitute service that can provide residents with nearby, convenient and fast services. He also hopes to build an E-Health Chinese Medicine R&D and Innovation Center, which will be divided into four major sectors, including the platform of smart Chinese medicine system and the product R&D achievement transformation station, modern Equipment Laboratory, as well as an Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Plant Gene Breeding. This would set a new benchmark for Chinese medicine centers in Shandong.

“In 2022, through the strategic cooperation of both sides, we will strive to summarize the construction concept of “smart Chinese medicine” in Jinan as “one center, four systems and several systematic projects”, which is also the core of smart medical solutions in China,” said Mr. Fengyou.

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