The 4Less Group, Inc. has Launched their Proprietary Marketplace Software Allowing for Millions of Parts SKUs to be Listed and Updated Daily



Las Vegas, NV, March 23, 2022 — McapMediaWire — The 4less Group, Inc. (The “Company”), (OTCQB: FLES), announced that they have launched a new proprietary marketplace software designed to seamlessly integrate functionality within the automotive parts big data environments. The Company’s new platform technology will provide the ability for millions of SKUs to be listed per day while allowing millions of product updates daily through the Company’s vendor friendly API.  Additionally, the new software code, designed and built from the ground up, is believed to be unique and subject to protection as trade secrets in a way that the Company may reinforce such protection through patents in the near future.

The Company believes that one of the main advantages of this new software solution is the optimization of the integration to our existing product aggregation partners such as SureDone, which delivers additional efficiencies while enabling cost reduction without the need for a significant capital outlay.

“The new AP4Less software seamlessly solves extreme data base size challenges that are common to the automotive parts industry; It does so in a “serverless” environment while utilizing API calls for scalability, speed, reliability, and security.  Additionally, our internal testing is producing significant speed test that out-perform many of the largest e-commerce sites in the market today.” Stated Christopher Davenport, founder and president of AutoParts4Less, Inc., the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary.

“Studies show that consumers prefer the value of a multi-seller marketplace — we believe we now have the technology needed to offer buyers a one-stop-shop for the entire automotive parts industry that represent millions and millions of parts”, continued Davenport.

The 4Less Group, Inc.
The 4Less Group, Inc. is the owner, an ecommerce aftermarket auto parts site as well as, presently in beta test phase, a multi-vendor online marketplace dedicated to automotive parts. When fully launched, will offer buyers a wide range of automotive parts for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and RV’s on a single platform.

With the launch of their automotive marketplace,, the Company expects to eventually have available for sale millions of unique SKUs, as well as multiple sellers for most SKUs listed which in turn will provide buyers with more options. The Company is working on developing best in-class technological modules to increase visitor conversions by adding how-to content and various other services to the websites. Current marketing and branding strategy presently consist of strong SEO traffic, pay-per-click as well as title sponsor of the 2022 and 2023 MotoAmerica Championship and the sponsor of various drivers in the NASCAR motor sports.

Additionally, as a platform business model, the marketplace is highly scalable and can take advantage of the network effect meaning as more sellers participate on the platform it will attract more sellers and thus more buyers.

Information on FLES can be found at

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