UAT Group, Inc Announces Bid to Acquire Nathaniel Energy


Tampa, FL, March 17, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc (OTC Pink: UATG) (UAT Group), announced today that it is finalizing the acquisition of the Colorado based company Nathaniel Energy, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer, Alex Umbra commented, “The acquisition of Nathaniel Energy, and its portfolio of IP, represents the final piece of a puzzle we began putting together early last year when we acquired H2O Processing. Nathaniel Energy, in combination with H2O Processing, will deliver a complete solution suite for municipalities struggling to meet the clean water and energy demands of their cities. Once completed, the acquisition of Nathaniel Energy will enable UAT Group to not only be a one-stop-shop in the clean energy sector but be a responsible solution for cities across the country”.

Nathaniel Energy Corporation has developed a waste to energy system that converts solid wastes (municipal waste, tires, rice hulls, etc.) into usable energy and economically recoverable products. The disposal of used tires is a continuing concern and one that is typically not environmentally friendly. Used tires consume valuable landfill space; they provide breeding grounds for disease-carrying parasites and they represent a serious threat to the environment as air pollution (uncontrolled tire fires) and water pollution (bacteriological degradation). Additionally, the disposal of these tires represents the loss of a considerable amount of energy and usable resources.

Tires are shredded into small pieces (about 1-1/2 inches in size). This shredding process removes the steel wire and belting contained within the tires.  This steel is then separated and collected to be recycled.  More than 10,000 tons of high alloy steel (ASTM 1070) is recovered each year.

The steel is recovered for two reasons.  First, it is a valuable reusable resource and second, steel will not burn, dilutes the overall energy production and reduces energy efficiency. The steel-free rubber shreds are then fed into the Nathaniel Energy proprietary combustor where the fuel components are converted into a fuel gas. This is a two-stage process.  The first stage gasifies all of the volatile hydrocarbons and dissociates (breaks apart) the heavier hydrocarbon molecules into basic components like hydrogen, methane and carbon monoxide.  The second stage fully oxidizes the remaining heavy hydrocarbons and solid carbon into carbon monoxide, a fuel gas.  All that is left is an unburnable residue, called bottom ash.  This ash consists of components in the tires like silica, alumina and iron oxide that are added to the tire formulation to increase wear, durability or other desirable characteristics.  This bottom ash has a composition very similar to Portland cement, used to make concrete.  All bottom ash is recovered each year for use as a concrete additive, to manufacture concrete blocks or as a road base additive. In the second stage, all of the fuel gases are collected, mixed with a closely controlled amount of air and combusted at a very high temperature.  This very high temperature effectively destroys 100.0% of the hazardous air pollutants.  The heat from this reaction is used to produce steam used to generate electricity. After generating electricity, there is still residual heat remaining in the steam that can be used for other purposes.

Nathaniel Energy has produced units for seven different countries for a variety of needs. In addition, Nathaniel Energy built the largest tire recycling plant in Texas shredding over several million tires per year to be used as TDF (tire derived fuel) for local cement plants as fuel.

H2O Processing CEO, Stan Abrams shared, “We are very excited to onboard Nathaniel Energy and its technology within the UAT Group family of companies. This technology will allow us to be a more complete service provider for our targeted market while providing clean water and energy with zero emissions. We are eager to demonstrate how our way is better and less expensive which will enable municipalities to lower costs and pass the savings along to the citizens in their cities. Energy and water that is cleaner, safer, renewable and less expensive; what could be better?”

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