YouTube Blocks Russia State-Funded Media Channels Across the World

Online video sharing and social media platform YouTube has blocked all Russia state-funded media channels from its platform all around the world. YouTube says it took this move due to a policy blocking content which denies, minimizes or trivializes well-documented violent events.

YouTube’s parent company of Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) says that unfortunate actions by Russia to invade Ukraine are classified under its violent events policy and violating material would be deleted from its platforms.

YouTube’s spokesperson, Farshad Shadloo, says that the resolution to block Russia state-funded media outlets from its platform was in line with that policy. Not long ago, YouTube had blocked leading Russia state-backed channels RT and Sputnik across Europe.

In response to this matter, Sputnik said it’s not surprised by the move from YouTube since it was just a matter of time as they saw it coming following recent sanctions from United States based social media companies.

The blocking by YouTube is nothing but a new turn of an atrocious attack on one of the fundamental principles of a democratic society that is freedom of the press,” said Sputnik.

YouTube however failed to reveal the number of Russian state-funded media houses which have been blocked globally or whether if they will be restored in the future.

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