PURA Plans To Disrupt $200 Billion Steel Rebar Market With Hemp Alternative In Addition To Disrupting $600 Billion Lumber Market

Dallas, Texas, March 08, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Puration, Inc. (OTC Pink: PURA) today revealed plans to disrupt the $200 billion steel rebar market with a hemp alternative in addition to disrupting the $600 billion lumber market.

“Steel production has a damaging carbon footprint and the potential corrosion of steel rebar can lead to building collapses,” said Brian Shibley, CEO of PURA.  “A superior hemp-based alternative can be produced with a carbon neutral impact.”

Fast Company recently published an article on the development of a hemp alternative to steel rebar.

“When a 12-story condominium building suddenly collapsed last June in Surfside, Florida, one reason was hiding deep inside the structure. Within its concrete foundation, walls, and floors was a critical but risk-prone building material: steel reinforcing bar. In the aftermath of the collapse, investigators found this material to have extensive corrosion—enough to cause the massive building to simply fall apart.”

“When combined with plant-based bioplastic, hemp rebar could be an all-natural alternative to steel rebar.”

“Eliminating steel from concrete construction could eliminate the corrosion risk that brought down the condo in Florida. With less corrosion, the concrete in buildings and bridges could last decades longer.”

“With climate change spurring the building industry to grapple with its high carbon footprint, reducing the use of heavily polluting materials like steel will become increasingly important.”

Read the full Fast Company Article here on hemp as alternative to Steel Rebar.

The article goes on to discuss the current limitations of the hemp market in the U.S. with the hemp cultivation only becoming legal in 2018.

Accordingly, PURA is on track to solidify its first partnership in the $1.2 billion Asia Pacific hemp region in order to tap into richer resources that can accelerate the expansion of industrial hemp solutions.

Last year, PURA introduced its Farmersville Hemp Brand strategy to usher industrial hemp solutions into the market.

PURA is working to introduce hemp as multi-industry disruptor that can be a base of a better product or service contributing notably to the 2050 sustainability objectives. PURA recently announced a strategy targeted at disrupting the $600 billion global lumber market.

The Asia Pacific partnership is part of the company’s plan to disrupt the lumber and steel rebar markets.

PURA has initiated construction on a facility in Farmersville, Texas where the company will conduct consultative education customized for each corporate customer to hands on demonstrate how hemp can be utilized to improve the efficiency of existing products and services and meet 2050 sustainability targets.

Read the company’s latest comprehensive update on PURA’s Farmersville Hemp Brand rollout.

For more information on Puration, visit http://www.purationinc.com

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