Tesla Secures Approval for its New Gigafactory Near Berlin

United States based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc. (TSLA) confirmed having secured an approval from the Brandenburg state environment office for its planned gigafactory near Berlin. Tesla’s application was approved by the authorities on March3.

The EV maker has been seeking for a license to start production at the electric vehicle plant near and adjacent battery plant in Gruenheide. This announcement was first reported on business daily Handelsblatt.

According to Handelsblatt, Brandenburg state premier Dietmar Woidke SPD, will be giving more details on the approval decision at a news conference in Potsdam slated for March 4.

Nonetheless, this does not mean Tesla can now start car production at the gigafactory immediately because, not long ago, the state environment ministry said the company will have to fulfill further requirements before the factory begins to operate.

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