Toyota Getting Ready for its First Battery Electric Vehicle

Leading automobile manufacturer Toyota Corp. (TYO: 7203) is gearing up for its first Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) the company is currently putting together all its efforts to make sure that its first mass market model is safer and lasts longer than those of their competitors in the industry.

BEVs have been increasing their popularity across the world however, many customers are having reservations due to EV battery-related fire risks and rapid degradation. Toyota is planning to launch its first BEV later in the year.

We focused on balancing three factors: cruising range, battery degradation and charging speed,” said a project manager at Toyota, Masaya Yamamoto.

Last year, Hyundai Motor and General Motors were forced to recall electric vehicles equipped with batteries made by LG Energy Solutions following fire related reports.

Normally, BEVs take hours to charge, using quick-charging methods is what often leads to the battery cells heating up resulting to degradation. In due time, this significantly reduces the cruising range which greatly affects the resale value of the car.

Toyota says that its batteries contain a special coolant which does not conduct electricity easily. The battery packs are also designed to keep the cells and coolant entirely separated in case of any leakage.

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