Ryan Holsheimer Leaving JPMorgan and Hong Kong

Ryan Holsheimer, the head of cash equities and equity distribution in Asia pacific equities at America’s investment bank and financial service provider JPMorgan & Chase co. (JPM) will be leaving both the bank and Hong Kong to make a return to Australia.

This was revealed by an internal memo circulated by the company which indicates that Sara Perring will move from Tokyo to Hong Kong where she will take over as the head of the bank’s APAC cash distribution business.

According to the memo, Holsheimer will go back to spend time with his family in Australia and pursue other personal interests. Holsheimer has worked for JPMorgan for around seven years, according to his LinkedIn profile; he has been in Hong Kong since 2008 and has previously worked for other banks including Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.

Most banks in Hong Kong are facing hard times retaining their staff members as the city is going through the COVID-19 pandemic for the third consecutive year.

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