GM Seeking Regulatory Approval to Deploy Autonomous Cars in the U.S

Automobile manufacturer General Motors Co. (GM) together with its self-driving technology unit Cruise has applied for permission from U.S regulators to build and deploy autonomous cars without human control features like steering wheels and brake pads among others.

In a blog post, Cruise says it applied for permission to deploy the Cruise origin which does not need features like a steering wheel to operate safely.

The submission of this petition signals that Cruise and GM are ready to build and deploy the Origin, here in America,” posted Cruise further adding that it will be expanding its mobility options for people who have traditionally faced hurdles in travelling like the blind and the aged.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the body which possesses authority to issue petitions to allow a limited number of self-driving vehicles to temporarily operate on the U.S roads.

Back in October 2020, Cruise and GM revealed they were seeking approval from NHTSA within months to deploy the Cruise Origin. NHTSA has spent over 15 months reviewing the first petition by GM before seeking public opinion on the matter.

The Cruise Origin has two long seats which can fit four passengers. Cruise says production of the car is scheduled to begin later in the year in Detroit at a GM factory with vehicles delivered in 2023.

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