PURA Points To One High Margin Partnership Revenue Stream To Demonstrate Overall Partnership Revenue Potential

Dallas, Texas, Feb. 17, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Puration, Inc. (OTC Pink: PURA) highlighted the relaunch of the EVERx CBD Sports Nutrition Beverage announced earlier today to illustrate one example of how PURA has built its new Farmersville Hemp brand business strategy to generate high margin partnership revenue streams.

PURA highlighted the EVERx example today in advance of the company publishing a report next week on the company’s progress to date on the execution of its 2022 strategic plan.  The update will be published on Tuesday, February 22nd.  In the update, PURA management will further detail its partnership revenue strategy to include details on additional high margin partnership revenue stream opportunities beyond EVERx.

PURA anticipates generating at least $1 million in revenue in 2022 with the potential to reach $10 million in revenue.  The $10 million revenue opportunity outlook is improving based on the recent progress of PURA’s co-op partners.

Earlier today, North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: USMJ) announced the official relaunch of the EVERx CBD Sports Nutrition Beverage.  USMJ acquired EVERx from PURA last year.  PURA and USMJ are sister company’s with the same majority shareholder.  PURA sold EVERx to USMJ in exchange for a perpetual royalty agreement.  In other words, USMJ sales of EVERX will result in high margin revenue to PURA from royalties.

After developing EVERx as part of an overall cannabis infused consumable business development and exploration initiative, PURA subsequently retooled its business to focus on the overall potential of the industrial hemp market. PURA sold EVERx to USMJ in exchange for a perpetual royalty agreement as part of its retooling strategy.

PURA established EVERx as the leading CBD beverage in the sports nutrition market with millions in annual sales.  USMJ’s ecommerce site, www.USMJ.com, served as one distribution channel for EVERx.

USMJ is now relaunching the product with an updated formula and look. The new formula and look are designed to expand the appeal of EVERx beyond the sports nutrition market. Alkame Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: ALKM) remains as the bottler for EVERx.

To learn more about the new formula and to see the new packaging, visit: www.DRINKEVERx.com

USMJ plans to make a major trade show announcement before the end of the month in conjunction with the relaunch of EVERx.  USMJ will reintroduce the EVERx CBD Sports Nutrition Beverage live at an upcoming major trade show.

The relaunch of EVERx is the beginning of an overall USMJ cannabis ecommerce expansion campaign.  Following the relaunch of EVERx, USMJ has plans to launch multiple new products, both inhouse products and third-party products, in an overall effort to expand USMJ ecommerce sales.

In September of last year, ACI Conglomerated, the controlling shareholder of USMJ and the controlling shareholder of Puration, Inc. (OTC Pink: PURA) and Priority Aviation, Inc. (OTC Pink: PJET), announced its plans to refocus and diversify its overall strategy with the three companies.

PJET diversified outside the cannabis industry, entering the student life market.

PURA refocused its business on industrial hemp.

USMJ, after exiting the cannabis retail restaurant market, is now focused on expanding its cannabis ecommerce footprint.

For more information on Puration, visit http://www.purationinc.com

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