Franklin Mining signs Agreement for Lithium Development

Carson City, NV, Feb. 15, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Franklin Mining CEO William Petty (OTC Pink: FMNJ) has returned from South America, where he was negotiating projects for the company based in Argentina and Bolivia. Most promising among the many proposed agreements is a Joint Venture signed with SOCRAM Energia S.A. to develop a lithium mine in Northern Argentina.

The mine would be developed in a region known as the Lithium Triangle, which contains more than 75% of the world’s known supply of lithium. Franklin Mining would develop one mine in three stages; stage one would undertake 1,458 hectares, stage two would process 2,366 hectares, and the final stage would extract 1,409 hectares of lithium.

“Now that preliminary studies have been completed, Franklin Mining will re-register the company in Argentina, set up  an  office  in  accordance  with  local  laws,  and  begin  to  conduct  our  due diligence,”  confided  CEO  William  Petty.  “This area is extremely well-known for lithium production and as of right now, the results are proving to be strong and favorable.”

Franklin Mining plans to corroborate the preliminary studies prior to breaking ground on the new lithium project. First, the lithium will be extracted as raw material in order to be sold to potential end buyers. Once possible, however, Mr. Petty has plans to negotiate within a free-trade zone in order to establish a plant to process the lithium in order to sell directly to battery manufacturers.

In accordance with the Amazon for Life project, as well as other local humanitarian efforts, the company plans  to  improve  the  quality  of  life  for  people  living  close  to  the  lithium  mine.  By utilizing eco-friendly extraction techniques, as well as conscious consumption of local land and water sources, Franklin Mining is confident in their ability to sustain the ecosystem surrounding the mine.

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