Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development (AACSED) Chairman Enters into a joint venture with Diplomatic Trade Ltd. (USA) in support regional Commercial Aspirations of the parties related to Hydrogen and renewable energy projects


London, Feb. 14, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Today AACSED Chairman Dr Mohamed Zayed PhD and Executive Council Member Mr. Benjamin Ballout – also the Chairman of Diplomatic Trade a New York Based intergovernmental and commercial Lobby firm – issued an official statement that:

“The Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development (AACSED) has entered into a joint venture with Diplomatic Trade Ltd. (USA) – this being in support of Commercial Aspirations of the parties related to Hydrogen and Renewable Energy in the Gulf/MENA Region”

“Dr Zayed and Mr. Ballout Stated that they are pleased to cooperate with notable Arab Business, Government and Commercial Personalities and are pleased to have invited Siemens Gamesa into the concept of support for new Hydrogen/renewable energy policies in the Gulf Mena Region”

“Technical, Financial and Logistic value – including any investment funds will be the responsibility of Diplomatic Trade   and/or any of the committee members, of the AACSED where available, or useful – and its further noted, that Siemens Gamesa is ONLY, invited as our Selected / appointed OEM provider, (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and EPC contractor partner, in the constellation of our important holistic syndicate, supporting the main directives of Hydrogen production, in the Gulf Mena region Countries,  in order to achieve the mutual aspirations of these countries and our groups, commercial interests”

“Diplomatic Trade is A Registered Lobby in New York – Mr. Ballout, is a skilled Lobby for several governments, including the Vatican and Libya and maintains a vast array of financial service associates, investors and others, within his network”

“ The value of the Hydrogen program(s) and Solar Driven electrolysis technologies, exceed Several Billion USD over the course of 5 years and Diplomatic trade is fully able, to bring the required funds and investment where needed, under the proper conditions and against normal off take agreements with the end user governments and/or companies – and Siemens Gamesa (who is already active in the Region Independently) is our best selection, for the highest quality technology, to realize our success together, under the assumption, of a conducive environment, legislatively,  supportive of the metrics and investment  parameters needed, as well as access and permissions needed – (approvals and otherwise)”

“While no final contracts have been signed, our initial proposal has been accepted in principle according to our Liaison Dr Hanan Taher, in the Gulf Mena Region with respect to Egypt and we look forward to expanding on this excellent news, from her office – moving forward, at the most rapid pace, in support of all stakeholders – As matters progress, we will inform the public, with expanded press and media coverage”

“We extend our appreciation for her excellency and for all the interlocutors involved”

“The Arab African Council on Socioeconomic Development is a regional counsel of retired diplomats, experts and functionaries who give guidance to Governments and Commercial Private Sector on matters of Economics technology and other issues – Diplomatic Trade is an expert Lobby and commercial development firm supporting international files and Siemens Gamesa is an international energy Giant with the best Technology in the Hydrogen/Solar Renewable energy Space as OEM and EPC Experts”

Mohamed Zayed – Chairman
AACSED +20 115 024 9763



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